Chapter 37

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The coldness of winter came too early for Topaz liking. She had to decline Corvus invitations to head down to the wizard village near Hogwarts due from to the cold.

"Are you okay, Topaz?" Corvus called down into the pool because he has not seen her surface in weeks.

"Maybe she is sick," Theodore says only adding to Corvus worry.

"Is she traveling with us on the train?" Pansy ask pulling down her own trunk and putting it with the others.

"Doubt it," Daphne says helping her little sister with her trunk.

"Guys hurry up we need to get to the station," Draco says impatiently, arms crossed and fingers tapping against his arm.

"Mr. Malfoy is right. All of you need to go before the train leaves," Severus says

Corvus opens his mouth to protest but Severus silences him with a look. Corvus nods standing up from his kneeled position.

Draco drops his arms silently thanking his godfather Severus.

"You will see her later," Severus says softly as Corvus walks pass him. His words lifting Corvus feelings slightly.

Maybe I should take up fishing Severus thought thinking of a way to get Topaz to come out. Since the reason she stays down there is because the dungeons have a tendency of getting colder in the cold months.

The students had already gotten used to it but he doubted Topaz would ever will.

*Hogwarts Express*

Blaise, Theodore, Draco, Corvus, Pansy and Daphne were all sharing a compartment, "Any plans for Christmas break?" Pansy ask

Blaise and Theodore shrug, "I don't know. This my first time not staying at Hogwarts for Christmas," Corvus says

Draco nodding, "Mother and Father wanted us both home they might have something planned for this year," Draco says

For the rest of the trip they played games and brought snacks from the trolley.

Draco quickly spotted his parents and tapped Corvus on the shoulder. He nodded and said his goodbyes to Blaise, Theodore, Pansy and Daphne who went to search for their own parents.

Corvus and Draco dragged their trunks toward Narcissa and Lucius who were standing in confident with a blank look on their faces to keep up with their public appearance. But Draco knew it was all for show and he shared that information with Corvus so he wouldn't worry.

That without realizing Draco started to act like an older brother to Corvus who was young by a month.

Narcissa allowed a small smile to escape her when she saw them that she had to push down the urge to hug them but she will do it when they returned back home.

"Hello boys, how was school?" Narcissa asks as Lucius shrinks their trunks so it would be easier to carry.

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