Chapter 4

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Topaz could feel someone behind her, Observing huh? Might as well put his height to good use. "Could you please help me get that bottle of alligator scales? I'm a little short to grab it without everything falling down," Topaz said, turning to look up at the 6'1 ft. man, compared to her height of 5'7 ft. he was a giant. He was taken aback by her request, but what shocked the mean Potions Master was how his body moved on its own to grab what she asked for.

Topaz did not even try to hide how she enjoyed watching him struggle with himself, wondering why he listened to her. Topaz accepted the bottle with a smile on her face, lighting up her eyes. "Thank you, Sir...?" "Severus Tobias Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," He quickly answered, What's going on with me? Topaz nodded and immediately went to pay, as to not keep Corvus waiting. She exited the shop, bumping into Corvus who looked at the bag she was carrying, and managed to not drop when they bumped.

"What exactly do you plan on brewing?" Corvus asked. Topaz returned him the bag of galleons before she said, "It's a potion that makes you immune to my voice." she answered him. Corvus bit the inside of his cheek as he thought, about what she meant by that, when he remembered when they left Gringotts and she had been talking it took all of his attention to focus on her only. Which, if he was right, that gift could be used for getting others to do anything for them. Oh, I understand now, she doesn't want to control me accidently. Topaz could tell he was in deep thought, as his eyes were downcast, "I just want you to be my friend because you want to, not because I ask you to,"

Corvus lifted his eyes to meet her sincere ones, he placed his hand on her arm to caress her skin, which, he notes, is warm with a slight wetness which could be due to the fact that she spends a lot of time in the water. That gives Corvus a thought, "We might need to get you some clothes too," Corvus could feel a slight tremble that passed through Topaz, who clearly did not like the idea of clothes, or was it something else that made her like this?

"I was referring to getting you something similar to what you are wearing now." He said, she nodded, relaxing against his touch. His hand slid down her arm until it reached her hand, which he enclosed with his own. As they both walk to a robes shop, Corvus had to order for Topaz, who was completely clueless to clothes. She did not escape from having to be measured though. Corvus watched her wiggle around, trying to get away from the tape measure. Corvus used both hands to cover his mouth, seeing how she desroyed the tape measure, which did not sit well with the seamstress who had to do it herself, without magic. It took them at least an hour, Corvus guessed, since he left about halfway through to get the books he need for his 3rd year at Hogwarts.

Corvus returned to the seamstress lecturing Topaz about staying still, and other things. He chuckled at the sight before going to one of the seamstress' helpers, who had his order and the information that Topaz's clothes would be ready the next day, since it took so long for them to get her measurements. They left the shop with Topaz grumbling beside Corvus, who smiled at her antics. Topaz stopped her grumbling and moved to stand in front of Corvus, who raised an eyebrow in curiousity. "Do you plan on returning to where that whale sized boy lives?" Corvus nodded, "I have to, I don't have access to anything until I'm an adult." He said to Topaz. Topaz stared at him, eyes filled with sadness, a stray tear rolling down her cheek. You have a choice, and you are not alone. I know you hurt no matter how hard you try to hide it from me.

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