Chapter 21

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Dumbledore's hands trembles, his hold on the parchment losing as his old ridden eyes couldn't even focus on the single sentence on the parchment. No.... how is this even possible? He shouldn't be in Slytherin! Someone might have done something to the sorting hat. Dumbledore shakes his head it can't be that since the hat blocks any magic done to it even his own. So then how? He lays the letter down on his desk eyes staring down and Minerva could only watch while Severus was smiling so big on the inside that he silently wished he could record Dumbledore reaction.

His aunt and uncle death might have something to do with his change, but I can use that to my advantage because he can come to me when he is feeling down. That way I'll make sure he still within my grasp.

"Are you okay, Albus?" Minerva asks

"Oh yes just a little shock that's all," Dumbledore said Minerva nods.

"Understandable," Minerva said I almost thought he would have gotten a heart attack like those muggles call it from the expressions he made. Maybe now Harry will be having a peaceful school year.

Dumbledore shifts his eyes toward Severus and says, "Don't treat him special Severus," Severus rolls his eyes and crosses his arms.

"I don't plan to," Severus said his answer pleasing Dumbledore who smiles.

"Corvus, do you have everything for this year?" Narcissa asks to make sure he wasn't forgetting something since she had the experience of Draco somethings leaving out something from the list.

Corvus pulls out a letter that came the next day with the material list for his and Draco's third year at Hogwarts.

"Yes, I got most of the stuff with Topaz. I'm only missing the robes with the Slytherin emblem and wand," Corvus says

"Let's go get the wand then," Narcissa says

Topaz follows behind them, Draco opened the door for them Mr. Ollivander pops his head from the back at the sound of the bell ringing.

"ah curious how should I address you?" Mr. Ollivander asks Corvus.

"Potter to keep up the appearance," Corvus says Mr. Ollivander nods

"How can I be of serves?" Mr. Ollivander ask

"I need a new wand because Vernon broke my wand when I was under their roof," Corvus says

Mr. Ollivander nods before moving to the back. "Do you use a wand, Topaz?" Draco asks

She shakes her head, "The magic I use is different and I don't think a wand can last long underwater," she answers.

Mr. Ollivander comes back with multiple boxes of wands for Corvus to try, but none have worked so far.

Mr. Ollivander eyes shift to Topaz an idea coming to him maybe? Yes it has to work he thought moving to toward Topaz.

"Can I borrow a scale or hair?" Mr. Ollivander asks

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