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Bad Blood (EoB #1) by AuRevoirSimone
Bad Blood (EoB #1)by Simone Coleman
WEEKLY (ISH) UPDATES You can never escape la famiglia... But for the past three years, Serafina Coppola has given it her best shot. The daughter of a powerful Italian Do...
  • murder
  • darkromance
  • violence
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Manipulation ; Yandere Brother x Reader by YandereBxtch
Manipulation ; Yandere Brother x YandereBxtch
¿¡ "Kaito... y-your scaring me...!" !? °• "I'm your big brother." •° =+ "Don't be scared" += Best Ranking / #1 in Anime
  • boyxgirl
  • anime
  • yanderexreader
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Sweet Shadows (Rogue x OC) by TsukiKuraiyoru
Sweet Shadows (Rogue x OC)by Tsuki
After the chance encounter with Sabertooth's Shadow Dragon, Zephyre Noemi agrees to go to his guild, despite her personal promise to never join one. But, when getting to...
  • tail
  • shadows
  • sweet
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Daddy Said by xoJEZZIEBEL
Daddy Saidby xoJEZZIEBEL
Being Daddy's little girl was always something to be proud of well at least when I was a little child. Still til this day I'm Daddy's little girl and I am now a teenage...
  • stepfather
  • forced
  • sad
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Lost by _nomad_
Lostby nomad
"Sweetheart, you are the badger, I am the snake, but in this chase, I am the predator and you are my prey." With that he moulded their lips together, sealing...
  • fanfic
  • lordvoldemort
  • love
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A story of Lies and Deceit and Hidden Persona by fandominess
A story of Lies and Deceit and story addicted
Badass harry joins the dark the light is evil. Harry and Draco are secret friends and the trio ia dark It is really good just read it
  • evilalbus
  • darkisgood
  • manipulation
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Book Covers by benjaminRivers2115
Book Coversby Benjamin
Open for requests. Rules and Guidelines can be found along the chapters. Rankings: (11/09/18) •no.3 in #bookcovers (11/13/18) •no.3 in #coverrequest (07/11/18) • no...
  • coverrequest
  • artwork
  • photoediting
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Underwater Friend (Harry Potter FanFiction) by Moonwolf125
Underwater Friend (Harry Potter Valerie O.
Harry meets a siren while hiding from his cousin and his goons. The siren makes him question things about himself and the people around him. Which gets him to rethink on...
  • hogwarts
  • goodmalfoyfamily
  • siren
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Broken, Beautiful. ➸ Tom Riddle ✓ by becolourful
Broken, Beautiful. ➸ Tom Riddle ✓by EarthToJayne
Ava Rochford was hiding something. Tom was sure of it. He was going to break her and when he did, it would be beautiful. Set Hogwarts 1942-43 (5th year) During the fir...
  • prequel
  • completed
  • chamberofsecrets
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Blood Rose by ranchchips
Blood Roseby jenna claire
War between Nicholai's pack and Bloodrose Dusk pack is brewing, and it's brutal. When the higher alphas of the country have a meeting and Nicholai is in another continen...
  • hunt
  • evil
  • mated
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Milk and honey by DanaroseRO
Milk and honeyby DanaroseRO
Love, hate, friendship, blood, etc. everything is in line. Did you ever felt one point of your life that you know you had enough of everything? Had you ever fallen in lo...
  • bodies
  • fakefriends
  • friendship
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The Eyes that met Yours by GandaBerunda
The Eyes that met Yoursby GandaBerunda
Is it easy to kill your Spouse in war? As Husband and Wife, it is easy to fight within the house. Is it easy to fight on the battlefield as enemies? Fate made Hi...
  • history
  • wattpadindia
  • historical-romance
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A Guide To Manipulation by TheWhipHand-
A Guide To Manipulationby The Woman
A guide to manipulation people.
  • nonfiction
  • guide
  • highpower
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Two sides of the same coin by Author_Trio
Two sides of the same coinby Author_Trio
Bruce Wayne, an eighteen year old billionaire, has lived a hard life with his only trusted friends and family being Alfred Pennyworth, Selina Kyle, and Jim Gordon. Thing...
  • joker
  • fanfic
  • stockholmsyndrome
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Personal Demon by Mildred776
Personal Demonby PorcupineQuills
A demon tries to keep his neighborhood archenemy in check. And accidentally starts parenting her. What could go wrong?
  • urbanfantasy
  • badboy
  • fantasy
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Love, Hate, and Manipulation (A Mindless Behavior Story by NaNA_DTa
Love, Hate, and Manipulation (A NaNA_DTa
Teenagers go threw more than people think. Love , Hate, and Munipulation are some of the few things. It just so happen this girl goes threw this with Mindless Behavior.
  • mindlessbehavior
  • love
  • manipulation
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