Chapter 11

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"Corvus, Azkaban is a high-security wizard prison," Narcissa says trying to get that dangerous idea out of his head. "It might be dangerous, but he does have a point. Bellatrix, Rodolphus, and Rabastan are locked up there, and I'm sure it was done without a fair trial." Tom says looking at Lucius to make sure if what he was saying was correct because he is aware that Lucius has strings and connections in politics along with a significant standing in that politic.

Lucius nodded his confirmation to Tom.

Severus lets out a dreaded sight as he says, "I have to return back to Hogwarts to avoid a call from Dumbledore," the name coming out forced from his mouth.

Tom nods.

Severus stood up and made his way out his black robes flying behind him. Corvus observes him and wonders, "Is that a unique skill he has to make his clothes move like that?" they try to hide their laugh at Corvus innocent sounding question that could annoy said, person.

Severus made his way to the foyer where he apparate a few steps away from the Hogwarts gates since apparate inside Hogwarts is not allow by anyone even the professors. Which Severus has to make the long walk from the front gates to the head masters office. Who for sure would expect a detailed report on what Tom is doing or if he knows anything about Harry Potter. Severus bets that is what is in Dumbledore mind. On how to get his precious pawn, he releases a chuckle in amusement at the fact that said pawn is dead, and even him doesn't realize.

That the Potters fooled the whole wizard world.

If Harry Potter death happened before, Tom found out about him. Then how did Corvus survive the killing curse? Lily was not his mother and Dumbledore spreading the idea that he survived due to a mother's love? That could be believable if they were actually related. Severus snaps out of his thought when the portrait asks for the password.

"Blueberry drops," Severus says with a roll of his eyes at the password being some muggle candy.

Severus walks up the staircase, knocking on the door. As not to catch the headmaster in an inappropriate position which he did once in the past. That memory still makes him shudder to this day. He even thought of obliviating himself to remove the memory.

"Come on in," Dumbledore says

Severus puts on his mask on to hide his emotions along with strengthening his mental shields.

He didn't want him to be rummaging around in his head.

Severus enters the office, taking a seat in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

"Ah, Severus my boy. Have you heard the news?" Dumbledore says his eyes holding that annoying twinkle in them.

Severus hates when he is call 'my boy' by Dumbledore, and he has told him many times not to call him that but he didn't stop.

Severus arches an eyebrow at him and says, "The news about Potter's guardians being killed," Dumbledore nods.

Severus' lips tighten into a thin line seem that fake sadness in his face. He couldn't even believe on whose right mind would allow this manipulating fool to be headmaster of a school filled with children.

He would even have preferred Minerva to be the one in charge of Hogwarts.

What's done is done.

"Yes, they were good people," Dumbledore says.

Severus had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from giving the headmaster a piece of his mind.

Those people were far from being good people.

"We are still searching for who killed them. The person who did that might have Harry, and we need to save him," Dumbledore continues saying.

Interesting if he is not mentioning Tom. This could mean that he doesn't believe Tom did it.

Dumbledore lifts his eyes upward to Severus own black ones seeing his hate toward the boy.

Do keep that hate toward the boy Severus it helps on keeping him soft and easy to manipulate.

"Does Voldemort know about Harry's disappearance?" Dumbledore asks him.

Severus nods.

"He killed one of his follows who he thought went against his order and tried to attack Potter's home. However, later he found out that someone else before him went into the house. He has his followers out searching for Potter and the person who killed those Muggles. Who he will try to convince them to join his cause." Severus says.

Dumbledore stands up and starts pacing the room deep in thought.

So even Voldemort doesn't know who did it. Which means we have to find Harry before he does along with the person responsible for the killing. It will put the Light side in big risk if he gets his hands on someone that strong.

Dumbledore stops pacing and turns to his fateful spy, "I have some planning to do so you are free to leave Severus, my boy." Severus did not even bother in saying anything since he didn't want to spend another unnecessary second in the same place as that fool.

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