Chapter 43

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"Narcissa...?" Lucius says his words going to deaf ears only adding to his worry.

Every breath left Narcissa when Zale told her that she would not see Topaz anymore and that she will forget her completely. Can that even happen? Memory can be erased but feelings too? Narcissa though.

Lucius put an arm around Narcissa waist to get her to walk because she currently was blank like a dementor gave her a kiss which no doubt was like she felt right now.

"Sirius, take Corvus back the villa," Lucius says

"I don't need to be told twice," Sirius grumbled

"And Sev-"

"Don't waste your breath Lucius. I'll find everything I can but I make no promises," Severus says before he apparates to who knows where.

"Let me," Tom says coming over side of Narcissa and helping Lucius who opens his mouth to protest about him being able to take care of Narcissa which Tom beats him too it.

"Before you say anything I do want to remind you that might be the dark lord but I still have heart," Tom says his words drawing a little blush to Lucius cheeks, which he shook off as they made their way back to the villa.

Bellatrix waited for them at the entrance her hand flying to her mouth to cover her shook at the sight of her sister who looked more like a corpse.

"What happened to her?" Bellatrix asks after leading them to one of the bedrooms so they can lay Narcissa on it.

Lucius told her what happened; Bellatrix shook her head in disbelief.

"How could she do this to Cissy!" Bellatrix says magic cracking around her that one glare from Tom had it disappear.

"Did you even listen to Lucius? Neither, Topaz or Narcissa wanted to that but for Corvus sake Topaz did it and Narcissa even agreed however, none of us expected this," Tom says

-With Draco and Corvus-

Corvus wakes up his body relaxed and without that pressure of something inside of him trying to boil over. Corvus sits up slowly not wanting to overdo it. His movement catching Draco's attention, "I'm glad you're okay," Draco says a tired smile on his face, eyes slightly red as if he had been crying but Corvus knew best than to ask if he did. So instead he asks, "Did something happen?"

Draco nods and tell him what happened to his mother and that Topaz was not going to return.

Corvus shook his head, "That's not true!" Corvus says

Draco furrows his brows in question, "What you mean?" he asks

"Right after Topaz and some guy helped me she embraced me and whispered 'I'll be back soon so be safe still then.'" Corvus says

-With Topaz-

Topaz slapped Zale hand away, "I don't need help swimming," Topaz said a bite to her words

Zale shrugs and says, "Just wanted to help,"

Topaz blue eyes got darker in anger, "You helped enough!" Topaz says increasing her speed in which they soon reached a border of a cliff and right below it was a city. It was breath-taking view from its unique architecture of stone, shells and other materials. Nevertheless, Topaz was not in a mood to enjoy the view of her home but only swam straight to the biggest building at the north belonging to the royal family. Also the place where her father was.

Topaz went straight to the throne room where her father could be found often at, everyone around her stayed out of her way from the furious expression on her face.

Her father looked similar to Zale only older, bigger and a sad look on his face, which seemed to turn permanent since her mother was killed.

His gaze lit up when he saw Topaz making her way to him and he shooed away the fish that was giving him a report. To give his full attention to his oldest daughter.

"Topaz, how I missed you," he says getting up from his throne and moving to Topaz who was having a hard time being angry and it didn't help when she was engulfed in his big arms and strong chest.

That she could not stop her tears from dropping down as she clung to him.

They stayed like that for a few minutes and he pulled back using one of his big fingers to wipe away his daughter tear.

"Please tell me why you left was something I did, your siblings or someone else?" he asks

Topaz just moved away from him not looking at him when she answers, "I went to look for my mate..."

He stopped listening to her when she said the first line his face turning into anger.

"WHAT! You-" he started

However, Topaz easy cut him off, "I heard it multiple times dad and I understand your feelings but that's no reason for you to let it cloud your judgement! I understand that you want to keep us safe but at what cost dad?"

His anger lessened slightly most of it shook from being talked to like that. Topaz did not even let him talk and she continued saying, "I never did anything to give you trouble so why not allow me to be happy. You were happy with mom and"


The sound echoed around them, Topaz raised her hand to her red cheek that burned from the intensity of his slap.

"Yyyou never hit me before..." Topaz trailed off

Her face twitching from the pain. He lowered his hand trembling hand he could not believe that he just did that. He never hit none of his children but what Topaz said had his body acting on its own accord.

"Topaz, I'm sorry," he says moving closer to her but she just shook her head and moved away from him.

"No dad you're not sorry. You wanted to show that you're in charge and that I should listen but I will not because you make it seem as if you are hurting the most from mom's death. Which you are wrong I hurt more because I was there when it happened and it was my fault that she was killed." Topaz says

"Sweetheart it was not-"

Topaz shakes her head and says, "It was my fault dad you might not see it that way but it was because I wanted to see my mate instead of listening to mom when she said to wait and think about it. However, my desire to have something like you and her had got the best of me so if you want to blame someone for her death blame me. Because if I did not went back she would still be alive and it was not their fault either because they did not know what I was not going to harm their child who was my mate. They only acted like a parent would and protected their child like mom did to me,"

Topaz turns to leave only to be stopped by his voice, which sounded pained and sad, "Your room is still the same,"

"Yeah," Topaz says.

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