Chapter 33

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"Get off!" Sirius says struggling from underneath the combine weight of Bellatrix, Rabastan and Rodolphus.

"Aren't you a whiner," Bellatrix says standing up along with the other two following. Sirius grumbled in annoyance.

"Cissy!" Bellatrix howled as she saw Narcissa throwing herself into her arms. Narcissa stiffed not because she disliked the gesture but from the fact that Bellatrix wasn't clean.

Narcissa gave her a pat on the back before pushing her softly away.

"Nice to see you two, Bella," Narcissa says her nose scrunching up slightly.

"Where are we?" Rabastan ask eyes wandering around still they land on Tom standing next to Lucius. His eyes widen and he gave nudge to his brother Rodolphus who was having a stare down with Sirius.

"What?!" Rodolphus says but quickly silence at the sight of Tom who was clearly annoyed by how his eye twitched and his lips pressed in a thin line.

"Lllord..." they both tried to say

"Before anyone speak I want you four to become presentable," Narcissa says

They turn their eyes toward her giving her a look saying 'Are you serious?'

"That means NOW!" Narcissa says putting extra emphasis on the last part which send them bolting.

Tom leans toward Lucius and asks, "Where do she get that?"

"Motherhood," was Lucius simple respond

Tom muttered a huh before summoning an elf that he told him to make sure those four find the bathroom.

"How much do you think they should be told?" Narcissa asks Tom ran a hand through his hair thinking for a moment before saying, "We first will have to see on what side Sirius is because we can't have him living if he decides to side with Dumbledore,"

Lucius and Narcissa nodded in agreement.

"Then who will be the one to talk to them?" Lucius ask with Tom looking at Narcissa expectedly.

She sights, "Fine. I'll give the children the talk but if they don't behave is your problem," she says pointing a finger at Tom before leaving.

"Women are terrifying beings," Tom says

"You don't know the half of it," Lucius says

After two hours they all gather in the dining room.

"What is going on? Who is that guy?" Sirius ask pointing at Tom who was sitting at the head of the table with his hands crossed in front of him.

Narcissa closes her eyes shaking her head at her cousin.

"This Tom or as you better know him as Lord Voldemort,"

Sirius eyes widen his face turning pale quickly turning to one of anger and distaste.

"Bloody hell! You got to be kidding me," Sirius says

"Cool down. You shouldn't talk like that to Lord Voldemort!" Rabastan says

"He is not the main topic we have to discuss Sirius. I'm sure you will be wondering about Harry," Narcissa says sternly staring at Sirius who sunk down in his chair but still shut his mouth which was the silent command.

Narcissa sat up straight her mouth spilling the recent events concerning Corvus and what his supposed family did to him under Dumbledore watch. During the time Narcissa spoke it was the longest that Sirius ever stayed silent almost like he was actually processing her words. In which Lucius and Tom had to sometimes say yes to confirm some of the things Narcissa said.

"Poor child..." Bellatrix says Rodolphus puts his arms around his wife giving her the need comfort. From all the bad things they have done they will never harm a child.

Sirius slammed his fist down on the table in anger.

"Don't break my table unless you plan on buying me a new one," Tom says glaring at him

"I know this is a lot to take in but if you still have doubts then you should ask him yourself," Narcissa says

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