Chapter 29

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Topaz sights before turning to Miss Granger and says, "I'm considered an adult in my kingdom and I know many potions that are not even taught here. Does that answer your question, Miss Granger?"

Hermione nods.

"If she went here she most surely would have been sorted into Slytherin," Theodore says to Blaise who nods in agreement.

"Let's start with Laugh-inducing Potion and don't let the name fool you because someone can die from it," Topaz says

Hermione raises her hand again.

"Yes, Miss Granger?" Topaz ask

"How can someone die from laughing?" Hermione ask

"Too much laughing can lead to stokes, cardiac arrest etc." Topaz says moving toward the backboard and moves it around where the recipe for the potion was written in an easy to read hand writing.

"You can start and work in pairs," Topaz says moving back to sit on the table to avoid being in the way.

"Can I work with you Harry?" Blaise ask Corvus nods hurrying to gather the needed ingredient as a way to hide his small blush. Topaz chuckles lightly noticing Corvus face, but was quickly silenced when Severus entered the classroom with scowl on his face. Anger radiating from him as he ignored the students and went straight to his office. Most of the students ignored him to avoid having that anger directed to him except Draco and Corvus who expressed concern.

"I'll be right back so please behave," Topaz says walking toward Severus office.

"What happened?" Topaz ask Severus weaving a calming effect with her voice to relax him even a little bit.

"Dumbledore," Severus says

"What does he want?" Topaz ask

"He found out about Azkaban and even allowed dementor to roam the school along with telling me not to allow Corvus to go to Hogsmeade," Severus says

"What exactly is he planning?" Topaz wondered more to herself than to Severus.

"Who knows, but what did you do to the students that I don't even hear them even less an explosion?" Severus asks walking back out into the classroom with Topaz following him with a grin on her face. The students were doing exactly what Topaz told them to do.

So this is what a siren can do Severus thought

"You by any chance know if there is a potion for what you do?" Severus ask taking a seat behind his desk.

"There is a spell for it which doesn't last long and it can be traced back to the one who casted it and there is also the possibility that they might become immune it," Topaz says

Severus let out a sight and started to grade papers just as students started to place their finished potion on his desk for him to grade them.

"Looks like everyone was able to follow directions. Everybody is dismiss," Topaz says.

Everybody gathered their belongings and headed out the door. Severus picks up one of the bottles, examine it from different angles along with comparing the other student's potions.

"I'm going to have to test them to know if they retained the information," Severus says

"I'm guessing I shouldn't be in the room," Topaz says

Severus nod, "Can't have your voice intervene. It can damage my reputation,"

Topaz shakes her head and says, "Doubt it. I did my own share of threating them especially when I'm not a teacher," a smirk appeared on his face.

"I'll meet you guys in the Great Hall," Corvus says to Draco, Blaise, Theodore and Pansy who nodded. Corvus runs to his room to change books.

"What do we see here a traitor?" Ron ask Corvus face harden at the sight of a smug looking Ron, but he was not alone.

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