Chapter 48

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Daphne leans against the doorway of the train compartment waiting for Corvus and Draco to get on the team. Her eyes lit up at the sight of them, but mostly Corvus.

"Finally, I thought you two would have missed the train," Daphne says and moves inside the compartment to seat across from Blaise and Theodore.

Corvus sits next Daphne with Draco next to him.

"How was your guy's summer?" Blaise asks.

Draco quirks an eyebrow at Theodore who was wearing a hat.

"Why do you have a hat?" Draco asks.

Theodore grumbles looking out the window and Blaise chuckles.

"His hair went through an accident," Blaise explains.

Draco give him a curious glance and he tells them about their summer along with Topaz returning.

"She came back," Daphne says and Corvus nods.

"Then we can get information," Daphne says and glance at Corvus whose glaze is downcast.

"What's wrong?" Daphne asks sight concern on her face.

"I'm not sure but I got a feeling this year will not be easy," Corvus says.

"Hey! Stop it!" Theodore says holding onto his hat that Draco was attempting to pull off him to look.

"Come on it can't be bad," Draco says.

He has a glimpse of Theodore hair and quickly lowers the hat, "You were right it was not good and suggest finding a professor ASAP when we get to Hogwarts," Draco says only to receive a glare from Theodore and laughter from the others.

-Arriving at Hogsmead station-

They get down from the train passing some Gryffindor's who shoots them a glare or more to Corvus who has gotten use to their rude treatment.

Corvus was about to get on one of the carts that would take them to the castle only to be stopped by Neville hand on his shoulder.

"I don't recommend you tried that one some of the older Gryffindor enchanted it to take you in the opposite direction of the school," Neville says letting his hand drop to his side.

"Thanks, Neville," Corvus says with a smile which Neville returns.

"No problem and remember I will always be your friend, Harry. So why don't you ride with me and Luna?" Neville ask.

Maybe I should tell him that I am not Harry Potter, but when will be the right moment for that? Corvus wonder while he nods seeing that Draco and Blaise where a few miles away with Theodore to get his hair fix or lack of it.

Corvus helps Daphne into the cart before get in himself with Neville following him. Neville sits next to a blond hair girl with dreamy eyes.

"Harry, Daphne this is my girlfriend Luna Lovegood," Neville says.

"Nice to meet you, Luna," Corvus and Daphne says before she turns to Neville and asks, "How do you know my name?"

"Um I'm not sure if you remember, but you helped me once in the library by returning a book that fell from by bag and I know your name because Pansy called out to you," Neville explains.

Daphne nods remembering that incident. Then the four of them fell into comfortable conversation still they reached Hogwarts and went their separate ways to their house table.

Corvus noticed that the others were already sitting at the table and Theodore was still grumbling which meant his hair problem was not fixed yet.

"You okay, Theodore?" Corvus ask trying to hide a grin.

"No! They told me it would take a while," Theodore says and crosses his arms.

"At least they allowed you to cover it," Blaise says giving him a pat on the back, which did nothing to cheer Theodore.

Draco leans in so Corvus and Daphne could hear, "It was more for the bright shiny light that could blind people,"

Corvus hand flew to his mouth to silence his laughter, which Daphne had to put her head down so Theodore would not notice her silently laughing.

The first years were sorted quickly so, Dumbledore could stand up and clear his throat to grab everyone's attention.

"This year Hogwarts will have the honor to hold the Tri-wizard competition and the two other schools that we will face will arrive in a week. Therefore, I expect good behavior from everyone when they arrive. Now then enjoy the feast," Dumbledore announces and snaps his fingers so the food would appear on the tables.

Was this the odd feeling I had on the train? Corvus thought while his friends discussed the tournament.

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