Chapter 52

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*Next Morning*

"Did any of you see Topaz this morning?" Corvus asked.

Draco, Blaise and Theodore shook their heads.

"I saw her go into Professor shape office. Most likely he is telling her to be careful and not to leave a path of water," Daphne said, taking a seat next to Corvus.

"Wouldn't it be easier to simply cast a drying spell on her?" Theodore asked only to be smack on the head by Blaise.

"Don't be an idiot. That would kill her," Blaise said.

"Excuze me, 'ave any of you zeen ma siréne?" Topaz mate asked when she was near the Slytherin table.

"She is coming," Daphne spoke up seeing as none of the guys did which was most likely to them taking in her appearance of long silvery blond hair framing her face where beautiful blue eyes lay. The shade being lighter than Topaz whose reminded Daphne of the ocean while hers were more like the color of the sky.

She smiles sitting at their table while others of her school sat at the Ravenclaw table.

Just as she sat down Topaz entered the Great Hall making her way quickly to them but more specifically her mate who after years she managed to find her.

Her mate's eyes lit up when Topaz sat down next to her which Corvus to her right while Daphne was on his left. Blaise, Theodore and Draco sitting across from them.

"Ah, ma siréne ," she said draping an arm around Topaz who couldn't wipe away the smile on her face.

"By any chance can you tell us your name?" Draco asked.

"Fleur Delacour," she said.

"My is Topaz," Topaz said.

"Topaz," Fleur said testing Topaz's name on her tongue liking the sound of it.

Corvus smiles, "I happy to see you both together. Especially, after what Topaz went through," Corvus said.

Fleur tilts her head and glances at Topaz whose shoulders are slumped and her head lowered a look of sadness in her eyes. That Fleur didn't like seeing on her face, "Please, tell me what 'appened," Fleur said.

Topaz lifts her head, lips parted to say something but was stopped by a tap on her shoulder from a first year who had a question about potion and was too scare to ask their head of house.

"I'll be right back," Topaz said and left with the first year.

Daphne narrow her eyes and said, "She is running away,"

"Can you blame her," Draco said.

Fleur follows her with her eyes, her veela angry and worry from not knowing what is happening with their mate.

She turns to Corvus, "Tell me, everything," she said but it sounded more like a demand by how she glared at him.

Corvus  gulps and nodded.

He told her everything from when he first meet Topaz to her involvement with Narcissa and how it hurts that she forgotten her even if they weren't mates. Along with clueing her in with somethings that were happening with Dumbledore.

Fleur listened quietly to Corvus and the small bits that was added by the others.

"I zee," Fleur said standing up.

"You can find her in our common room in the dungeon. Find a portrait of a snake on a tree and say 'Cunning' so it would lead you in, " Corvus said.

Fleur nodded and left.

"Was it okay to do that?" Theodore asked.

Blaise lays his head on his open palm, "We all know Topaz is not doing good and she will have a higher chance to help her than us. Plus we need her because I don't like the smile on the headmasters face," Blaise said and they all glance at the smiling Dumbledore who was eating breakfast.

 Plus we need her because I don't like the smile on the headmasters face," Blaise said and they all glance at the smiling Dumbledore who was eating breakfast

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