Chapter 15

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"Where are Corvus and Draco?" Lucius asks, standing up from his chair. "Draco is showing Corvus and Topaz their rooms," Narcissa says as she leads the way out with him at her side. Lucius raises a sculptured eyebrow at her, "A room," he says. Narcissa gives him a look not to argue with her. "Yes, a room," she says. They both stood in front of an open blue door as Lucius stared wide-eyed inside of the room filled with water along with seeing his son swimming or floating inside.

"This is, wow," Lucius says. Drawing a smirk to his wife's lips since she has the privilege to surprise him and he doesn't hide it. "Draco! Corvus!" Narcissa said loud enough for them to hear her. Draco turns toward the door to see his parents waiting for them, he taps Corvus, who nods and follows him out of the room. The bubble on their head disappearing the moment they stepped out of the water and just like Topaz had said they both were drenched only their heads being dry.

"Does she likes it?" Narcissa says, enjoying the sight of Topaz swimming happily. "Yes, it reminds her of her home," Corvus says. Narcissa nods glancing at Lucius to speak whose eyes seem to be glued to Topaz movement along with the fact that she is topless. "Lucius," Narcissa says threatening and adds a glare at her husband who clears his throat to calm down. Corvus chuckles inwardly at Lucius reaction to Topaz, who is aware of his eyes on her which is why she shows off a little.

"Corvus, are you okay to answer questions for the press?" Lucius ask. They better not ask a lot of questions. He wonders as he nods to Lucius, who could see the boy slight hesitance but he doesn't blame him since he will have to speak publicly about what happened to him. "The press conference will be held tomorrow morning here at Malfoy Manor due to the fact that you are currently healing," Lucius says.

Corvus nods.

"Now, the both of you need to rest up so after dinner you both will go to bed," Narcissa says earning a nod from both boys. Her eyes lift toward Topaz to ask if she wanted to join them but she is asleep on the bed. Narcissa smiles at the sight of her while telling the boys and Lucius to go to the dining room. She following behind them after she closed the door to Topaz room.


We have news about Harry Potter whose aunt, uncle and cousin have been killed. Leaving no trace of what happened to Harry who could have been taken by the killer. A killer who we don't know who it is but is not who must not be named because the man who was suspected of being the who must not be named right-hand man. Saved our savior from the man who killed his family.


We don't know the full details of what happened after he was taken from his home yet. However, Lucius Malfoy the man who saved Harry will hold a press conference at his manor tomorrow morning. Where we will be able to talk to Harry and find out more about what happened to him. So dear reader be alert for the next new issue of the daily prophet with news about the boy-who-lived.



Dumbledore face scrunched up in anger as he rips the newspaper in his hand apart. What is that damn Malfoy doing!? And how did he get his hands on Harry?! Even I couldn't find him so how did he find him. Minerva irrupted his thinking and pacing as she barged into his office. "Albus! Malfoy sent us an invitation to attend the press conference. I'm glad Harry is alive." she says laying the invitation on his desk. He nods his face mimicking her relief face at the news of Harry being alive. That man knows how to play his cards but let's see what happens.

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