Chapter 50

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Topaz almost forgot that she had to breathe, her gaze glue on her that Topaz did not notice that she was standing up and walking to the girl.

Severus cringed in his seat as Topaz somewhat gave herself away if anyone payed attention on the ground where she was walking and leaving wet front prints.

"What is she doing?" Daphne ask Corvus who was just as lost as he was, but then he remembered the conversation they had when she returned about Narcissa not being her true mate.

It cannot be the girl is Topaz mate? Corvus thought as him and most of the Slytherin table leaned forward to get a better view of what was going to happen.

The Beauxbatons girls stopped their performance when Topaz stood in front of one of the lead girls.

"You alive...?" the girl with blond silver hair said her French accent thick.

Topaz nods her eyes starting to tear up from the many emotions that were running through her. The girl walked forward being one inch taller than Topaz due to the heeled shoes she wore her alabaster hand lifted to touch Topaz cheek, not even flinching from the wet feel of her skin.

"I thought ma mère killed you," she says and Topaz places her hand over hers.

"No, my mother took the hit and died," Topaz explained the girl eyes closed as she mumbled apologies in French.

"It's alright. I don't hold a grudge," Topaz says with a small sad smile on her face. Corvus choose that time to stand up and say, "Please be with her! Topaz needs you and has been looking for you," his words sounding more as if he was pleading her. However, what got everyone's attention was not his words or Topaz exchange with the girl but the fact that he let his emotions get the better of him and failed to keep up the glamor of Harry Potter.

Dumbledore eyes widen along with the rest of the Great Hall and he demands, "What is going on here?!"

This is where I will end the first book of Underwater Friend. The continuation will be in a sequel that can or not be written. I'm not sure just yet on how I will continue on with the second part of the story, but thank you to all that have read my story so far and has reviewed.

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