Chapter 7

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A blond haired female enters the room taken aback by a naked female cradling an injure Harry. Even when her Tom warned her about the girl and not to anger her instead to heal the boy. Narcissa could understand why her Tom said that even she would be enraged if someone hurts her son or even any child. She approaches them slowly as not to startle them; she clears her throat to get the girl attention her eyes were a dead giveaway that she has been crying for a while.

"I'm Narcissa Malfoy. Severus and I would be tending to his injuries he is waiting outside because..." she says sucking her bottom lip trying to figure out another way to point out the girl nakedness. Topaz looks at herself Two-legged literally cannot walk around nude. I find it hard to understand how they can bear to hide their bodies. When they should be proud of their bodies.

Topaz releases her hold on Corvus, swinging her legs to the ground. Topaz stayed in that sitting position for a few minutes before trying to stand up while hoping that her legs would not give out from underneath her. Topaz sometimes found it hard to use her legs. Narcissa accio a simple dress for Topaz, who puts it on, "Thank You," she says. Narcissa nods and went to get Severus to enter. Severus' eyes did not linger too much on Topaz, but that did not stop his brain from coming up with questions which he sure was going to get one way or another.

However, the child would have to get first seeing the boy of his past enemy laying there with bruises covering his body along with other injuries that they were not aware of yet. Himself and Narcissa quickly got to work on the wounds; Narcissa scans his body seeing that the fatal injuries were healing, but he still had others:


Broken ribs, and all the bones in his left arm

Bruises over his body

Punctured lung mostly from the broken ribs

Multiple knife slashes and craving of the word 'FREAK' on his back

That was only the physical injuries who knows how his mental state was. Narcissa and Severus spent hours healing Corvus or Harry Potter to them since they were not aware of the glamour and if they were it was not their priority. Topaz observed them heal Corvus, who she cares about as if he was one of her brothers. Topaz is aware how different her magic is which stopped her from treating him fully even when he did not hear her song.

If father found out that I befriended a two-legged and even care for it. It will drive him furious making his hated increase. Using his rage to remove that fool how hurt Corvus would have been easy along with doing it for me but this is something Corvus has to do himself. If he asks for my help, I will not hesitate to give it to him. A female hand on Topaz shoulder brought her out of her thoughts. Narcissa cringes at the feel of wet but warm skin under her hand, why is she wet? Narcissa hides her reaction from Topaz and instead says, "He will survive. We were able to heal his injuries, and his bones will fix themselves with a potion Severus gave him. The scars will fade but it will leave a white outline of the word, and he will have to drink a potion every day to his weight back. For now, he is asleep." Topaz nods.

Topaz waited for them to leave the room before she moved toward Corvus, who was breathing steady rhyme. Topaz removed the dress not being a fan of clothes, but she started to tolerate wearing a simple dress. She got back on the bed, resuming her earlier position of cradling Corvus while he sleeps.

Narcissa and Severus made their way toward the study were Tom was sitting on a sofa while Lucius sat behind the desk looking over paperwork mostly from the ministry. He lifted his eyes when Narcissa and Severus entered the room. Tom stood up, "Give me a complete report." Severus was the one to explain the whole healing process, but it was Narcissa who adds, "I also found some magic blocks on him along with glamour."

Tom raises an eyebrow at that, "Are you telling me that boy might not be Harry Potter." He snarls which did not affect them because they already used to Tom mood change. If what they are saying is correct then I have been trying to kill an innocent child. Which brings the question what happened to the real Harry Potter? This can mean that fool Dumbledore is not even aware of the glamour on the boy or is he?

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