Chapter 5

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Topaz could not close her eyes to sleep due to something nagging at her in the back of her mind. Why oh why do I get the feeling something bad is happening to Corvus? Topaz shook her head, but the thought returns so with a sigh she swam out of her little underwater cave that she calls home. She swam straight to the surface of the water, that, to her relief, was warm. When the winter came rolling in she was sure she would have to move to another location.

"Scream you freak!" Vernon Dursley's yelled, his grip tightening around the whip he held, pulling it back, then swinging it forward. Adding slashes to Corvus, who was believed to be Harry Potter, son of Lily and James Potter, who have long been dead. Corvus' lips were bleeding from him biting down on them to stop the screams of pain from escaping him. Corvus could tell that Vernon was getting tired from how the whipping was not as hard as the previous lashes.

Vernon threw the whip to the side, pulling out a knife that he uses to carve words into Corvus' back. He did not get to finish as wet hands place themselves on either side of his head, removing every ounce of water from his whale sized body. Topaz dropped her hands to her side, tears running down her face as she walked over the pile of dust that had once been Vernon Dursley's. His wife and son did not get the same fate. Instead, Topaz only ripped their heads off, letting the blood fly upward, before raining down, covering the living room they had been sitting in, while they were still alive, in fresh blood, adding some colour to the dull room.

Topaz walked over dried blood, it had been absorbed by the wood of the attic long ago. Topaz moved closer to Corvus' body, "Corvus?" she whispered, lowering herself to his face, where she caught a low moan of pain. Her tears would not stop raining down as she held him closer to her body while whispering healing spells. She was aware that they might not be strong enough for him, but she still had to try. If only you were the one, then I would be able to use my whole magic to heal you, but you were not able to hear my song. Oh, Corvus, what do I do? You are the only one I know here, and you will not survive if I take you to my real home where you can be healed.

Dumbledore sat up, startled by the sound of the wards around Harry's house being removed. He scrambled out of bed as fast as a man his age could move and quickly started making calls to the Order for them to gather. So they could go to Harry's home and see who broke the wards, his first guess being Voldemort. However, how wrong he was, because at Riddle Manor Voldemort, no, Tom, also felt the wards around Harry's home fall. So, he decided to go there himself instead of waiting for his followers, which would have taken time that he didn't want to waste, as to avoid having Dumbledore arrive before himself. Tom apparated close to 4 Private Drive, hurrying inside the house, which disgusted him since everything was so orderly. He went to pass the living room, the blood catching his scarlet eyes and bringing a smile to his lips. He approved of the scene before him. I will have to get the person who did this into my ranks. Tom made his way up the stairs while formulating a plan. He stopped when he reached the top of the stairs at the sound of someone crying. He followed the sound all the way to the attic, which appeared more like a cell than anything else. With Tom's reputation as the dark lord it was hard for someone to surprise him, even harder to get him to feel fear as his eyes connected with glaring eyes the colour of a jewel. Even filled with tears her eyes held a murderous look to them, if he dared to even move closer to her and the child in her arms, he'd be slaughtered. This will certainly not be an easy matter, by the look in the girl eyes I could either get hurt badly, or killed. The good thing is that now I know who it was that killed those Muggles.

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