Chapter 44

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"Split it out," Daphne says taking a seat next to Corvus on the grass.

Corvus blinks trying to understand what she meant by that. Daphne sights and says, "I meant tell me what is wrong? Because after you and Draco returned from winter break the both of you have been in the slumps,"

Corvus shifts his gaze away from her but she was having none of that so she grabbed his face. Pulling his attention to her once again, "We can do this the hard way or the easy way your choice," Daphne says

Corvus sweat drop at the steady look Daphne was giving him, she is not going to make it easy.

"Fine. The blocks on my magic were removed by Zale, Topaz brother," Corvus says

"But?" Daphne asks allowing Corvus to grab her hand and lower it from his face.

"Topaz had to give up being with Mrs. Malfoy in exchange for her bother to help save me," Corvus says lowering his gaze at the last part. He felt he was to blame for Topaz not being with them and that Narcissa was in a blank state, which is a kind way of calling it.

Daphne nods analyzing his words before she say, "Let me guess your magic got to a point where the blocks were not enough and it needed to escape. Which would have killed you if not released so Topaz brother knew how to help you, but he would do it if Topaz gave up being with Mrs. Malfoy in exchange for helping you,"

Corvus nods in confirmation.

"Which is why you and Draco are sad. In addition, you blame yourself for what happened when in reality is nobody's fault," Daphne says giving Corvus hand a squeeze.

He shakes his head, "It is because-"

"No it is not, Corvus. Their decision to save you was because they cared about you," Daphne says.

Corvus could only nod seeing her point but it does not change his sadness.

Daphne stands up dragging Corvus up with her.

"Let's go," Daphne says

Corvus blinks and asks, "Where?"

"To the post office in Hogsmeade to get a package I ordered and on the way you can go into more detail on what happened during your winter break," Daphne says.

Corvus open his mouth to protest but Daphne did not allow it and just dragged him with her. Since it was, Saturday Corvus did not have an excuse as not to go.

In addition, he felt better when he told Daphne what Draco told him happened in Greece.

"I will not be long so you can wait here," Daphne says before going inside only to come out a few minutes later with a brown rectangle package. Daphne tears the brown wrapping paper away from a thin blue book named Basic knowledge of Sirens.

"Would the information in that book help us?" Corvus asks

"If this book contains something about their mating song then sure but everything else just says how dangerous they are," Daphne explains flipping through the pages as they walked.

"I don't think they are dangerous," Corvus says

Daphne quirked an eyebrow at him, "Topaz doesn't count plus I don't think you have seen her angry which I'm sure will not be pretty," Daphne says before turning the page onto chapter 12 Mate Song.

"Here it is," Daphne says.

Her eyes skims the two pages only to widen.

"What? Did you find something?" Corvus ask moving closer to her to get a better look at what she was reading only for her to close it and say, "We need to see Professor Snape. Some of this information might actually be useful to helping Mrs. Malfoy,"

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