Chapter 30

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Other students from Gryffindor gather behind Ron who Corvus only have seen them, but not spoken to them.

"What do you want, Ron?" Corvus asks disdain in his voice as his eyes wandered around the other students behind Ron counting them.

Five all together huh. Hmm I'll get to try out my new wand.

"To show you the wrong choice you did," Ron says pulling out his own wand the others following his lead like puppies.

Corvus did the same.

"Expelliarmus!" they say

"Protego!" Corvus says only expected to shield himself not have them be sent flying down the hall.

What just happened? Corvus wonders glancing down at his wand. It normally should take him a while to actually do certain spells especially when he only read about the shield charm not practice it.

That wasn't supposed to happen.

Corvus jogged to the five unconscious bodies quickly checking if they had a pulse.

"Not that I don't enjoy seeing Gryffindor's hurt, but should they lay there unmoving?" asks a girl with straight blond hair and green eyes similar to the ones Corvus has when he has the Harry Potter glamour.

Corvus glances at her, relaxing when he saw the Slytherin emblem on her robes.

"They ambush me and I used the shield charm which send them flying," Corvus explained the girl nodded tapping her foot against one of the Gryffindor's.

"Interesting that was one hell of a strong Protego, Corvus and I'm Daphne Greengrass," Daphne says

Corvus eyes widen since nobody knew that was his name other than Draco, Topaz and Severus.

"How?" he asks earning a small chuckle from her.

"I'm close with the Malfoys and don't worry nobody else knows," Daphne says

Corvus release a breath he didn't realize he was holding before nodding.

"If it was me I would leave them here, but that would only cause more trouble," Daphne says

Corvus nods, "We should take them to the hospital wing," Corvus says pulling his wand, but Daphne stopped him mid-way.

"Is best if I do it," Daphne says pulling out her own wand and casting a levitating charm.

Corvus nods in agreement, she is right if I had tried it they might float high and away which might not be bad, but for appearance sakes that can't happen. Instead, I need to figure why are my spells strong and if it's my wand that has Topaz hair or it could be my sealed magic that might be escaping.

Daphne glanced often at Corvus as they walked toward the hospital wing wondering what has him in deep thought.

"I suggest you spill it out since I can't read minds," Daphne says without even looking at him who had a small smile on his face.

"I just don't know how the spell was powerful or even if it has to do with my new wand," Corvus says

Daphne hums while thinking.

"Some witch/wizards are either born with a lot of magic or little that grows stronger as they grow and learn. Sometimes the lineage plays a role on how much magic the offspring will have especially if one of the parents was more than a wizard/witch," Daphne explained Corvus nods showing he was listening. They had to put their conversation on hold due to them reaching the hospital wing.

Madam Pomfrey eyes widen as they walked into the infirmary with five unconscious students. She went on a question rant of what happened to them in which Corvus allowed Daphne to explain or better yet lie on what really happened. She told Madam Pomfrey that she and Corvus found them unconscious in the hallway in which they guessed that it was due to a prank from the older students.

Madam Pomfrey seemed to believe their little lie especially when there was no one else there to say otherwise. She thanked them for bringing them in they both manage to nod and say your welcome before Daphne grabbed hold of Corvus wrist.

"Where we going?" Corvus asks

"To get answers and the place to find them is our common room. If my guess is correct the core of your wand is a hair of Topaz," Daphne says Corvus raise an eyebrow in question.

"How did you-"

"When I was walking down the hallway I was hit with the scent of ocean water," Daphne says

"Oh...but what about-" Corvus started to ask in which Daphne rolled hers eyes.

"Draco, is a big boy a little worrying will not hurt him," Daphne says

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