Chapter 14

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They landed with a pop in the Malfoy foyer, Draco and Corvus had a green tint in their faces due to not being used to traveling by apparate. While Topaz held herself steady by the wall next to her, Narcissa was the only one that apparate didn't bother her from her many times using it. "Draco, why don't you show Corvus and Topaz to their room. I made sure Topaz room will be to her liking," Narcissa says with a wink in her direction before leaving to find her husband.

Both Draco and Corvus grinned before Draco run off with Corvus and Topaz right behind him. He stopped in from of a brown wooden door with an elegant design carved into it. Draco did the honor of opening the door to reveal a room with a four poster bed with green comforters, two doors on opposite ends which Corvus guess was the bathroom and closet. A bookcase to his right fill with books which he is sure will spend time reading them before going to bed. Near the window, black paint or wooden desk stood mostly to do holiday homework or write letters.

Now that I look at the desk, I have not received any letters from either Ron or Hermione during this summer. In which only two weeks are left before I have to return to Hogwarts. Draco nudges Corvus to get his attention, "You can explore more of your room later. The room mother prepared for Topaz is the one I'm more curious to see," Draco says excitement clear on his face which surely was contagious as his words brought Corvus out of his thoughts.

Topaz smiles at their childish excitement something she is glad didn't disappear even from what Corvus went through. Topaz follow right behind them as Draco lead the way which was a short walk since her room was only four doors down from Corvus. The door itself is light blue which clearly stood out from everything in the hall. Draco let Topaz turn the door knob, the door opens up to a wall of water, "What?" Corvus ask while he moves closer but Draco stops him before he went into the water room. Accidently drowns since he is not sure if Corvus can swim. Topaz didn't waste a second from jumping inside, her legs turning to tail. A big smile spread across her lips as she happily swims inside the room which is similar to Corvus minus the bookcase. The bed has a blue comforter with a design of light blue bubbles, the desk near the window is white which match the walls that were painted to look similar to aquatic life. With is coral reefs, seaweed and different kind of marine animals it did give Topaz the feeling of being back home.

"It's beautiful!" Topaz says, lifting a stuff shell shape pillow with a smile on her face. "If only we could breathe underwater," Corvus says with a sight Draco nods in agreement. Topaz heard them, and she could easily fix that problem. She stuck her head out the door, "I can make a bubble so you two can breathe while being underwater, but your clothes will get wet. Would that be a problem?" Topaz ask. They shake their heads with a snap of her fingers two clear bubbles appears into existence on their heads like a space helmet. Then Topaz pulls them inside the room; it amuses her how they freaked out for a second thinking they might drown from floating but relaxed when they touched the floor.

Narcissa found her husband in his study, she only needed to knock once for Lucius to say, "Come in," Narcissa walks inside, closing the door behind her not too silently to get his attention away from the paperwork to her. "Is something wrong?" he asks carefully as she approaches him, "No, but our son had an idea than even Tom agreed with it and complemented him," she says. Her words caught his full attention which Narcissa repeated their son's plan to him along with telling him that Topaz manage to break; Sirius, Bellatrix, Rabastan and Rodolphus out of Azkaban and they are currently staying at Riddles manor while also being asleep. "For something this big we will have to hold a press conference," he says, and Narcissa nods even when she didn't like the idea of the press conference but if it helps their cause then she will do it. However, if it gets to be too much for Corvus, she will not hesitate from stopping everything since children come first.

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