Chapter 26

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When dinner was over everybody in the Slytherin table stood up and walked in a line out of the Great Hall drawing a smirk to Severus who proudly showed how well behaved they from the other houses. A perfect lead the way down to the dungeons with Corvus staying close to Theodore and Draco who acted as his brothers.

The perfect said, "Green Snake. The password will change daily so make sure you check the bulletin board," mostly to the first years.

It looks just like I remember when I came here with Ron Corvus expression turned sad by how his eyes were cast down and a small frown on his face at the thought of his ex-best friend who now hates him. His change of mood didn't go unnoticed by his friends, "Potter," Severus say grabbing the attention of the boy his voice held light annoyance, but he didn't say anything mean.

Instead, he continues saying, "Now that is out of the way, I'm sure you'll wondering why there is a small pool of water in the common room and there will be no tolerance of anyone throwing trash, pouring any liquids in there and etc. Will be tolerated by me or the person in there that is my apprentice who will give her help to any of you if you ask for it and don't try asking for test answers she will not give it to you. Do I make myself clear?"

Everybody nodded his words bring a change to Corvus who glances at the Draco who too shared his excitement.

"Aww, the young ones are adorable," Topaz says her smile reaching her blue topaz eyes that scans the shock faces of the students.

"Hello, everyone. My name is Topaz and I will be happy to help any of you,"

A shy first year boy asks, "You're beautiful," Topaz smile widens at the compliment which make the boys woo over her, but not only were the boys wooing at her. A black haired girl with green eyes that were boring into her a shiver runs through Topaz and she was sure it was not the water since it was to a temperature similar to her home.

"Now then I recommend everyone goes to bed since tomorrow starts classes," Severus says before leaving the room with his black robes flying behind him like bat wings. The older students play shepherd's herding the young students to the dorms after most of them says goodnight to Topaz or see you tomorrow.

Leaving Draco, Corvus, Pansy, Theodore and Blaise behind in the empty common room.

"Seeing as you are still in one piece and Draco still in school. I'm guessing no fight broke out," Topaz says

"Nice to see you too, Topaz," Draco says

"Oh Topaz let me introduce you to Blaise, Theodore and Pansy," Corvus says pointing to each one of them who nods at her along with inching their head higher to see down the water.

"Why are you in there?" Theodore asks

"Simple same reason you are on solid ground," Topaz says lifting her tail for them to see.

Topaz giggles at their surprises faces, "A mermaid?" Pansy asks moving closer to Topaz who narrow her eyes at her.

"Siren and there is a difference and I'm more beautiful than those mermaids," Topaz says the word 'mermaid' coming out bitterly.

Message received never call Topaz mermaid, Corvus thinks making the mental note along with planning on warning other as to avoid having to swim to class.

"I do love speaking the five of you guys, but you'll need to go to bed if not don't blame me when you use your beds as boats," Topaz says.

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