Chapter 41

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Just like Severus said Topaz was sitting on the edge of the pool. She was completely naked but that was a losing battle because Narcissa couldn't change her. However, seeing Topaz sitting there with her arms around herself and shivering slightly but it was not from the cold. Which worried Narcissa but what really pain her heart clench in pain were the tears running down her face.

"Topaz...?" Narcissa asks softly moving toward her.

"Why... here...?" Topaz asks without looking up at Narcissa missing her cringe at the sound of Topaz pained voice.

"Because it's warm," Narcissa managed to get out.

Topaz shook her head, "There are other places in the world with warm waters but why did it had to be somewhere near my family,"

Narcissa brows knit together, "You don't get along with your family?" she asks

"My relationship with them is fine but the problem is," Topaz looks up Narcissa, "is you because you live on land and can use magic."

Narcissa couldn't wrap her head around what Topaz was trying to say.

"What do you mean?" Narcissa asks

"You're not my first mate. I meet her a long time ago when I was young, my mother was teaching me how to sing and telling me about the mate song that can only be heard my mate. I was sitting by the rocks, away from human view and practiced the song I was not expecting someone to hear it or even be nearby. But she was her silvery blond hair tied on either side of her head. She listened to the whole song and told me it was pretty while she climbed down the rocks to get closer to me. However, she slipped on the wet rocks falling into the water I didn't hesitate on drive down into the water to save her. She coughed out water and I asked if she was okay and was not hurt anywhere. Then one of her parent came searching for her and was not happy of seeing her in the water with me. So, she attacked me after using a spell to levitate my mate out of the water. I was able to dodge the spell by driving into the water but I was not going to give up on seeing her. The time I did succeed in seeing her again was the same day I didn't just lose my mate but my mother who followed me. She took spells after spell for me and I could not do anything to save my mother. My mate was taken away by her family which I never saw again; the death of my mother pained me and my siblings but it pained more to my father. Which lead to his deep hate of people who walk on two legs. He went on a rampage I too couldn't do anything other than try to keep my young siblings away so they wouldn't get hurt. I took care of them still I reached adulthood where I decided that couldn't let my father hatred get to me. Because I do hate those people for taking my mother and my mate away so I left the warm waters to search for my mate barely remembering where it was. Finding you was like beacon hope to me because it meant I could also find my other mate and be truly happy with the both of you. But not yet I can't allow my father to know about you yet in fear that he will do harm to you." Topaz explained

Narcissa took seat next to Topaz her legs not being able to hold her up as her brain processed everything Topaz just told her and the questions that bubbled inside her.

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