Secert Dating (Q x Reader)

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You sat on the couch with Q, watching a movie. You were both waiting for the others to come. You both were currently on other sides of the couch. You felt him move to the middle cushion. When you turned to him, he kissed you. You blushed and pulled away. "Q, the doors unlocked." You said. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders. He pulled you close and laughed a bit.

"Come on don't worry about it. We'll know when someone walks in." He said. You looked over at the door. He shook you a bit. "Come on." He repeatedly said. You turned at him.

"I'm sorry but you don't want Sal to know about us right?" You asked. He frowned a bit. He couldn't but to keep it from Sal. Ever since high school, the guys had all swore to each other they would never ask out sisters. But Q could t help himself. Besides, the stupid little pinky swear was probably forgotten. He still worried about Sal reaction.

"I don't want to upset him." Q said. You sighed. You honestly didn't care what Sal thought. He may be your brother but you were gonna date whoever you wanted, even if Q was Sal's best friend. But a part of you questioned what his reaction would be. You feared the negativity towards your relationship so you decided to not tell him like Q wanted.

"I know you don't. But how long do you think you can keep it hidden?" You asked. He shrugged.

"We'll have to see." He said. You nodded. You looked at him. You did want to kiss him badly, but the guys would be walking in soon. He knew that look, that's what happens when you have a secret relationship. He went and kissed you. You gave in and let him kiss you as much as he wanted. Joe was on his way towards Murr's apartment. He decided he would scare who ever was in the apartment. He tried his hardest to be as quiet as possible. He snuck at to the door and opened the door peering inside. He saw you and Q. He froze for a minute to process this. He opened the door completely. You pushed Q away and looked at Joe wide eyed.

"Joe...." You mumbled. Q looked over at shocked Joe Gatto. He looked like he was about to freak out.


"You and Sal's were making out....he's gonna lose it...." Joe mumbled. Q stood up and walked over to Joe.

"Listen." Q placed his hand on Joe's shoulder. "We haven't told Sal yet, so I need you to do us a favor and keep it on a secret-"

"Q in all seriousness I couldn't possibly keep something like this from Sal." Joe said.

"We're gonna tell him soon." You said, looking at Q. Q nodded and looked at Joe.

"Just keep it to yourself till then." Q said. Joe looked at you and Q. The sound of Murr and Sal talking came from outside the door.

"Sorry we're late." Murr said. He showed everyone the case of beer he ran out for. "But I'm stocked up."

"Niceee!" Q yelled. You laughed a bit. Joe just smiled a bit and sat beside you.


The dinning room was full of silence. Joe was acting very strange. He sat in silence, he appeared very focus. It made you nervous and Q saw it from across the table. It was apparent to Sal and Murr. They tried making conversation between each other but the lack of responses would end the topic. Sal and Murr were never that class. "You seemed troubled Joe....what's wrong?" Sal asked. You and Q quickly looked at him. Joe looked up from his plate.

"Nothing. Just been tired lately..." He said. Sal squinted his eyes.

"You're sweating." He said. Joe touched his upper lip. It was quite damp. Joe looked at Q with helpless eyes. It absolutely destroyed Q.

"It's cause he knows something....that you don't." Q said. You looked at Q. Murr awkwardly sipped his drink. He figured this was between the four of you.

"What is it?" Sal said. Sal was frantically looking between the three of you. Q looked at you nervously. He didn't know how to begin.

"Well..." You started.

"Q and (Y/N) are dating." Joe blurted. Joe felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders. Sal sat there, glance between everyone. You sat there awaiting a response.

"Wow...." He said. You bit your lip and looked nervously at Q.


"I thought we promised not to date sisters?" Sal asked. Q nodded and run his fingers through his hair.

"Yes but that was in high school." Q said. Sal almost looked crushed by that comment. But he sighed and shook his head.

"I guess you're right. We're all adults now." Sal said. You smiled at him. "It will be weird for a little bit though."

"Understandable." You said. You looked at Q and smiled at him. He happily smiled back. Joe scoffed.

"Get a room." He mumbled. Everyone laughed. Joe Gatto was back to his goofy self.

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