Dress Shopping (Q x Reader)

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"This is so exciting!" Your best friend smiled. You nodded and smiled. "I mean I still can't believe I'm even getting married!" She said.

"I believe it! You're amazing!" You said. She smiled.

"Shut up." She said. You both entered the wedding dress store. Joe, Murr and Sal noticed you enter the store.

"Quick, get caught touching the boobs of the mannequin!" Murr said. Q groaned. He started to touch the boobs when you walked in.

"Uhhh." You laughed. He walked up to you and shook your hand.

"So you're the bride?" He asked. You shook your head.

"I'm the bride's friend." You said. Joe, Murr and Sal made an approving noise. You waited for your friend who was looking through dresses.

"Are you jealous about your friend getting married?" Q asked. You shrugged.

"A bit. It would be nice to have a guy in my life." You said. He nodded.

"I've been needing a wife." He said. You looked at him confused.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" You asked. He shook his head.

"No....I'll just get a mail order bride." He said. You covered your mouth. The others laughed in Q's ear. "Unless you can marry me?" He asked.

"What no! I just met you!" You said.

"Come on! Please! It's cheaper that way!" He said. You shook your head. You're best friend stomped in.

"They have nothing!" She said. You looked at her confused.

"You didn't show me any or try any on." You said.

"I did try some on but they're all awful." She said. "Let's go." You started to follow her outta the room.

"Wait!" Q yelled. You stopped.

"Get her number or you lose." Joe said. Q looked at you nervously. 

"Can I have your number?" He asked. You thought about all the things he said about marriage.

".... Sure." You said.

"What?!" Sal yelled. Q smiled and celebrated a bit. He didn't wanna appear too much like a dork.

"Just don't assume I'm gonna marry you." You said sternly. He gave you his phone.

"I won't don't worry. In fact your on a tv show called Impractical Jokers." Q said. He started pointing at the cameras. You laughed and couldn't believe you were on a show. You gave him the phone back and left.

"Yes! Digits!" Q yelled, showing the camera his phone. The guys laughed and shook their heads.

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