Going to Far (Murr x Reader)

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Warning! If you have a bug fear this might make you uncomfortable/ creeped out.

The whole crew was silent, frowns on their faces. You took a lot of deep breaths. You had replaced Murr in an episode and lost so the guys decided you would be punished. Murr knew you were getting punishment but the guys didn't tell him what they were planning to do. If they had, they probably wouldn't have done it. They had no idea that bugs would make you freak out so much. Yes bugs were creepy but they didn't know you're fear was so bad. Being blindfolded, having bugs crawling all over you was too much to handle.

"Guys! Guys! Please, please tell me these aren't bugs! Please!" You yelled.

"Yes they are! You have two minutes left! Keep them there." Q said. That when you gasped and turned pale. The guys say it and looked at each other concerned. You took some deep breaths.

"Guys....I'm gonna faint." You said. They laughed a bit. You shook your head lazily. "No.....I'm serious." You clenched your fists. A crew member unaware of what's happening, place a big spider on your head. You screamed and cried a bit. You froze. "I'm gonna puke." You mumbled.

"(Y/N) take them off." Joe said quickly. You couldn't move, all you did was dry heave.

"Can someone help her please?!" Sal yelled. A few crew members came to you and swatted off the bugs and took off the spider. You felt dizzy and not sure what to do. Emily came out and took off your blindfold. She grabbed your arm.

"(Y/N), breath, are you ok?" She asked.

"I need a bathroom." You mumbled. She nodded. She wrapped your arm around her shoulder. "I want Murr here." You said. She nodded. She turned to another crew member.

"Have one of the guys call Murr." Emil said. The crew member nodded and ran to the guys. Now you were sitting in one of the guy's chairs, relieved that you weren't throwing up. Murr was taking years in your mind. The guys sat around you, feeling awful about what they did.

"Oh gosh, (Y/N)." Murr said walking into the room. You looked at him smiling a bit.

"Oh good. You're here." You said. He crouched besides you. You laid your head on his shoulder.

"I feel bad I should have told the guys you were scared of bugs." He said.

"It's not your fault Murr. It's ours." Joe said. Sal and Q nodded.

"It's none of your faults. It was an accident. None of you knew." You said.

"It's still gonna haunt us." Q said. Sal and Joe nodded. You sighed.

"I don't worry about it." You said.

"I wish I was here. I should have come." Murr said.

"Alright alright. Enough of this regret. It's bumming me out." You said. The guys laughed.

"Wanna get home?" Murr asked. You nodded. He kissed you.

"Bye (Y/N), feel better." Sal said. Everyone else said goodbye and you said bye back. Murr helped you to the car.

"My poor baby." He mumbled. You giggles a bit.

"You're such a sweetheart Murr." You said. He smiled. He opened the car door. "I love you so much." You smiled. He smiled and kissed you.

"I love you too." He said. You got into the car and laid your head back. You need a shower and a name.

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