Tattos (Murr/Q/Sal x Reader)

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Murr X Reader

Murr stormed into the livingroom. "What's up with you?" You asked.

"This!" He yelled, lifting his shorts up. You burst into laughter at the skydiving ferret on his leg. He groaned. "It's not funny!" He yelled. You held back the rest of your laughter. You calmed your laughter and looked at him.

"Come on Murr it's funny. It's best to laugh with them instead of getting all offended. You have to think it at least a little funny." You said. He shrugged.

"I don't look like a ferret!" He yelled.

"No you don't." You said. You stood up from the couch and kissed his cheek. He smiled and hugged you.

"Thanks (Y/N)." He said. You gave him a nod.

"You wanna watch this movie with me?" You asked. He nodded and sat on the couch with him. You cuddled into his side and he put his arm around him.

Q X Reader

You stood outside of the restaurant Q told you to meet him at. He wanted to have dinner (well it was more like late lunch, early dinner). You saw him pull up in his car and park. "Hi (Y/N)." He said as he approached me. He kissed you and hugged you.

"Hi Q. How did the new episode go?" You asked.

"Good. Me, Sal and Murr got punished. But the punishment wasn't bad. We'll talk about it once we get inside." He said. You both walked inside and got your table.

"Ok so what was your punishment?" You asked. He rolled his short sleeve up a bit. "38. Lives alone. Has 3 cats." You read. You laughed. "Well they're all true at the moment." You said.

"Yeah but I'm not gonna be 38 soon, your moving in soon and I might get more cats or lose one but let's not talk about this." He said. You nodded.

"I like it. Fits you well." You said. He laughed. You were glad that he took the punishment well.

Sal X Reader

"I'm going to shower." Was all Sal said to you once he got into the house.

"Hello to you too." You said.

"Hello." He said before he walked into the bathroom. You had a feeling he went through another disgusting punishment, probably involving garbage, animal poo or something involving a bathroom. You walked to the bathroom and opened the door.

"Hey Sal what's-" You stopped when you saw the Jaden Smith tattoo on his leg. You burst into laughter when you saw it. Sal had a mad look in his eyes. "What is that!?" You asked.

"My punishment." Sal said. You managed to calm down your laughter.

"Sorry Sal. It's a funny tattoo." You said.

"It's horrible! You should hate it too! You'll see it like everyday." He said. You shrugged.

"Then when I'm feeling down I can look at that tattoo and feel better." You said. He smiled a bit. Which caused you to smile. You kissed his cheek and walked out the bathroom.

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