Bikini (Joe x Reader)

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"We have (Y/N) Gatto, Joe's wife here to help us judge." Q said. You walked out onto the stage which made the crowd cheer. You sat in the chair next to Sal. Q took the other seat next to you. "Ok so there's three ladies who we'll judge." He said. You nodded. The first girls were beautiful and had a nice figure.

"Wow." Sal said. You smiled.

"And our last contestant is....Joe Gatto!" Q said. The crowd went wild when Joe strutted out. You laughed and cheered.

"Damn the choice just got hard." You said. The guys laughed.

"Sexy huh?" Joe asked. You nodded and giggled.

"Alright it's time to vote guys." Murr said.

"I say contestant number one." Q said. He winked at the brunette which made you laugh a bit.

"I chose Joe." You said, winking at him. The crowd laughed.

"I will go with contestant number two." Murr said. The girl smiled.

"Hmm this is tough." Sal mumbled. Joe rubbed his stomach and posed. Sal laughed. "That doesn't help much Joe." He said. Joe pouted a bit.

"Just choose! The suspense is killing us!" You yelled. Sal laughed.

"Oh god uh Joe I guess." He said. Joe threw his hands in the air.

"Oh yeah! I'm the sexist babe on the cruise!" He yelled. The crowd cheered for him. As Joe and the girls walked off, Murr quickly stood up and undid the Joe's top part. Joe faked gasped and covered his chest. Sal of course fell to the stage ground, laughing his ass off. Joe ran off the stage covering himself.

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