My Husband, The A-Hole (kinda Murr x Reader, mostly Q x Reader)

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You sighed as your husband James turned off the lights. You wanted some alone before you left vacation but you guess not.

**5:00 am**

You swear you heard something in the room. You sat up ready to wake up James but you were grabbed from behind. The person covered your mouth while you thrashed around. 'James! James!' You screamed but it was muffled.

"Jesus lady calm down." The kidnapped said to you. You kicked at him. You two made it outside going out the back. He shoved you into the passenger seat. You pulled at the door handle but it was locked. You pressed the unlock button but it didn't open.

"This guy is smarter then I thought." You mumbled. He went and sat in the driver seat. "Why are you doing this?!" You yelled.

"Sorry lady I need the money." He said. You sighed.

"I have a name." You said.

"Then what is it?" He asked. You debated on telling him.

"(Y/N) Murray." You finally said.

"Brian." He said. You nodded.

"Well then Brian, let me go!" You yelled. He shook his head. He stared at you up and down and grinned.

"I like your nightgown." He said. You attempted to cover yourself the best you could.

"Shut up your pervert." You hissed. He chuckled.

"Then why are you blushed." He asked.

"I'm not!" You yelled. You touched your face and noticed your face was burning. He pulled out a cell phone and started to call someone.

"James Murray?" Brian said in an odd voice. You rolled your eyes. "I've kidnapped your wife." He said. He continued to talk about things like what he wanted to return me and that I wasn't there so he shouldn't bother looking. But then I noticed he was getting annoyed and confused. "He hang up." He said. You stared at him in shock.

"No way." You said. He nodded. He called again.

"Dude! Why'd you hang up on me?" He asked returning to his normal voice. He set the phone down again. "He thinks I work at the hotel." He mumbled. He walked out of the car and got you gotta the car. He tied a white cloth around your mouth. He dragged you to your hotel door and knocked. He quickly pulled out a gun and pointed it at your head. When door open James was standing there.

'Help! Help!' You yelled even if it was muffled.

"Great you're here!" James said. He threw his keys at Brian causing him to drop his gun. "Bring the car around front." He said also putting his bags in the hall. You yelled at James in anger through the cloth. "Honey! We're gonna be late." He said.

"Listen! I ain't the bellhop! I'm a kidnapper!" Brian yelled. James chuckled a bit.

"Yeah ok. Just let me get ready." James said. You stomped your foot in anger as he shut the door. Brian pulled your cloth off.

"Can you believe this fucking guy?!" He asked. You sighed and shrugged. "That's your husband?" He asked.

"Not anymore." You said. He smiled at you.

"You uh.... wanna get outta of here?" He asked. You looked at him the smiled back.

"Sure." You said. He grabbed you hand and you both left the hotel.

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