New Foods (Joe x Reader)

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You started at the plate in front of you and Joe. "This has to be a joke." You mumbled. Joe held up his phone to get a shot of you.

"This is for the Tenderlions channel." He laughed. You grabbed your chopsticks.

"But I'm not a Tenderlion!" You yelled. He shrugged.

"None of the guys wouldn't do it....I wonder why?" He said sarcastically. He lifted up the moving squid tentacle with his chopsticks and let it squirm around. You looked away disgusted.

"This is bull!" You yelled.

"Actually, the bull testicles are next on the menu." Joe said with a good grin on his face. You groaned.

"Fucking hell." You hissed. He laughed. "You first." You said. He plopped it into his mouth and started chewing it. He squinted his eyes. "Is it good?" You asked.

"It won't let go of my tongue." He said. You laughed a bit.

"Yeah not eating that shit." You said.

"Babe, that's not fair." He whined. You frowned.

"I mean... I don't know." You said. You felt bad because you promised to do this with Joe. You sighed deeply. You slowly but down on the tentacle. You pulled it taking a little piece. You slowly chewed it. "Chewy..." You mumbled.

"I finally swallowed it." He said. As you worked on it, a waiter came up and set the bull testicles. You started it.

"Looks like a chicken nugget." You said. Joe laugh and nodded in agreement.

"Let's see if it tastes like one." He said. He lifted one up and ate it. "It does!!" He yelled happily. You finally swallowed the squid and ate the testicle.

"Well it's not like I've ever had a testicle in my mouth." You quickly looked at Joe to see his reaction. He almost spit out the drink he was drink. He held his hand to his mouth trying not to spit it out or choke. You sat there giggling and waiting for him to swallow or spit up.

"Jesus." He said when he swallowed. You laughed really hard.

"Got you." You said. He shook his head. You finished up the course and paid for the food.

"Since you did so good we're going to get ice cream!" Joe said. You smiled.

"Yay!" You yelled. He smiled. You turned to ask what flavor he wanted but he was gone. "Joe?" You asked then turned around. He was bent over with his hands on his knees. You looked up at the store sign. You laughed. A bakery of course. You walked up to him.

"Look." He said pointing. You looked into the window. You made a disgusted face.

"A maple bacon donut?!" You asked. He nodded and grinned. You knew that meant trouble. "No! No! No!" You yelled. You quickly ran down the street. Joe burst into laughter.

"(Y/N)! You promised to try crazy stuff for me!" He yelled. He shook his head and ran in your direction.

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