The Angel and The Devil (Q x Reader)

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Warning: NSFW content

"Come on baby, what's wrong with a little sin?" The demon's low voice mumbled in your ear. You shivered a bit which made him chuckle. Brian Quinn. The demon that you sometimes wish you had never met. But sadly whenever two immortal beings are in the same place it alarmed both of them. "Well, well, we'll. What do we have here?" He taunted that night. Ugh. A demon. You thought to yourself.

"Back off." You told him. He laughed at you're serious tone.

"What's a little angel doing in a place like this?" He asked. You were standing in a bar. You wouldn't be here if didn't have guardian angel duties.

"I'm watching someone..." You glanced over at the bartender. Q howled with laughter and smiled with glee.

"I know Sal!" He said. Sal looked up from the bar which made you glance away. You become frustrated with him. You could feel both men's eyes on you as you stood there. "White dress? Isn't that a bit cliche?" He asked suddenly. Your face turned a bit red with embarrassment.

"Says the demon in all black." You mumbled. Ever since then he's showed up to every one of your jobs. The guy knew everyone you had to watch and it drove you up the wall. You could barely focus with the demon beside you. He teased you and even worse, he flirted with you. And twice as worse, you liked it. You told yourself not to. If anyone were to find out, you'd be in big, big, big trouble. Expelled from heaven trouble.

"You like it when I tease you angel." He always said when you tried to ignore him. What pissed you off most was that you did. But you would never let him know that. Of course that's what you thought. But here you were sitting on his bed at his party. You already felt extremely guilty considering you were supposed to watching Joe. Why did I let him drag me in here?! Lord forgive me. You thought to yourself.

"Sin is obviously bad for me." You told him. You didn't understand him. You were sure any mortal girl would love to be what she assumed was just your typical 'bad boy'. But no, he wanted an innocent little angel. He scoffed at your statement.

"Just cause the big man upstairs doesn't get any action doesn't mean his angels shouldn't." He said. You dug your face into your knees, which made him snicker. He placed kisses on your shoulder which made you tense up.

"Q-Q, you're a demon...we can't." You sighed, defeated. You rested your chin on your knees while his hands gripped your shoulder. He removed one to move the hair blocking your ear.

"Yes, we can. Come on angel. You can't avoid what you want." He mumbled. Your lust begged you to give in to the devil's seduction but your morals held you back. You felt his teeth bit lightly at your ear. You struggled to keep back a soft moan. He chuckled. "So sensitive." You let your legs go forward and you body losing a little. You grabbed his hands as his kisses went to the side of your neck. The bites made you whimper and moan. You had always heard the demons were rough.

"Q!" You yelped when one of his bites got a little too rough. That was gonna bruise. He thumb went to rub the spot.

"Sorry. It'll just be a little hickey that's all." He said. That's all?! Why doesn't he understand that I could get damned because of him. You thought to yourself. You were snapped out of your thoughts when he shoved you down into the pillows of the bed. Your legs were pulled around his waist with you quick tug.

"I-I still don't know..." You said warily. You could see the lust in his eyes when he looked down at you. His hand traveled down your thigh to your underwear, his finger stroked the wet part of your panties. The feeling the pads of his fingers had made your toes curl.

"This says otherwise." He said. Your breath hitched when he took away his finger. He sighed and sat back on the bed. "I mean if you really don't wanna-"

"No!" You said suddenly. Your own sudden voice raise frightened you. He smirked.

"I knew it." He whispered before going forward to kiss you. His passion was shocking to you but you melted into the kiss. His hand went back down to your underwear. He didn't bother to pull them off, just move them to the side so he could push in two fingers. You moaned out from the sudden pleasure. His fingers moved in and out while rubbing you. The moans became louder and you became less wary of them.

"Q!" He bit and kissed the flesh of your breasts. The stimulation was so strong it was almost too much for someone that was untouched. He watched you chest heave up and down as he went. He couldn't help but to snicker at effect he had on you.

"You want me inside of you?" He cooed. Your heart pounded at the thought. You weakly nodded and he his finger went slow all of a sudden. You noticed his eyes had darkened reliving his true demonic eyes. "Say it. I want hear you say it." You became shy when you thought of saying that. But he already marked you and had his fingers deep in you.

"I-I want you...inside me." You whined. He smiled in pure satisfaction. His fingers completely stopped but his thumb rubbed your sensitive part.

"You sure angel? We don't want you in trouble now do we? I've already got all these hickeys-"

"Q, would you please!" You yelled at him. He suddenly moved quickly to pull off You underwear with one quick swipe. Not even you felt the under come off, but it all didn't matter because they were flung across the room. He dug through his bedside drawer getting all that he needed to give you the night of your life.

You laid on your back and panted a bit. You were gonna feel that tomorrow. He was so rough but god did you like it. "You're a loud one for someone who doesn't want to get caught." He commented. You groaned at his comment. "I'm not complaining babe."

"I got it." You said. You sat up a bit and looked your dress and bra that sat on the floor. You had a job to do and you couldn't be distracted anymore. You swung your legs around the bed which Q noticed.

"Where are you going?" He asked. You got dress before looking at him.

"I have to go and monitor Joe. It's the reason I came here." You told him. You walked over to get your underwear while he quickly slipped on his. You picked it up and groaned. Ripped. How did he manage that? His arms wrapped around waist and the side of his head against yours.

"You didn't come to see me?" He said in a small voice. You can tell by the teasing tone in his voice that he was just trying to screw with you.

"I'm very serious about my work." You told him. You showed him your underwear. "I liked this pair..."

"Oops." He mumbled disingenuously. You shoved off his arms. He chuckled. "God I love how much you think you hate me."

"I don't hate you..." You mumbled with a shrug. His face lit up and he laughed at you.

"I knew it." He said. You shook your head. He began to get dress and you came to realize that you couldn't possibly walk around this party commando. What if you dress went up? What if it sat wrong? What if some drunk lifted it up? Mid thought, a pair of boxers hit your face.

"Hey!" You shouted in shock.

"You seemed stressed." He snickered. You were reluctantly but slipped them on. If it wasn't for the elastic waistband, it wouldn't have fit. "You can keep those until the next time we met. And you better be wearing them. I want tear them off your-"

"Alright, alright I got it!" You shouted, flustered. He let out one more mocking laugh before taking you back to the party.

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