Birthday Surprise (Joe x Reader)

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Warning- adult content. You're welcome.

You were excited to get home for Joe's birthday. You had gotten everything to make Joe's birthday the best it could be. You made him a good chicken parmesan dinner, baked him cake and for his birthday gift, birthday sex. Joe always joked about having birthday sex but you decided you would do it. You bought lingerie for this occasionn. "You're wearing stockings today." Joe said durning breakfast. You shrugged and swallowed the pancake in your mouth.

"I thought they were cute.... do you not like them?" You asked. You were hoping to make Joe regret his comment and make him change the subject.

"No I love it! Looks cute." He said. He ate some more of the pancakes. You smirked into your coffee cup. Joe Gatto had no idea that under your dress black lingerie was there. He's cute when he's clueless. "I'm gonna be filming my punishment today." He said. You frowned.

"What? A punishment on your birthday?" You asked. He nodded and pouted. You awed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. You get nervous when his hand touched your thigh. Any higher and he would feel the lace at the top or garter belt. You felt relieved when he removed his hand.

"Sooo what did you get me for a gift?" Joe asked. You shook your head.

"Not telling." You said. He laid his head on your shoulder and groaned in your ear.

"Babyyyy." He whined. You laughed and kissed his lips.

"You have to wait Joe." You said. He groaned. You stood up and grabbed your keys. "I have to go to work. I'll see you later." He stood up and kissed you

"Bye. I love you." He said. You hugged him.

"Goodbye. I love you too. Good luck with the punishment." You said. You left the house and started your car.

You were very edger to get home. You were hoping Joe would like his gift or if he would prefer a bought gift. You looked at the setting sun. Joe had to be done filming. You parked the car and quickly walked to the door. "Joe I'm home!" You yelled when you get inside. As you set your things down, Joe came into the room. He looked annoyed and tired which concerned you. You wrapped your arms around his waist and kissed him. Joe was quite surprise by this but he loves it so he continued. Joe kissed your neck which made you look over your shoulder. "Joe."

"Yes baby?" He asked.

"Why is there a picture of you at a urinal?" You asked. Joe stopped and sighed deeply.

"The guys did it." He said. You started to notice more pictures of Joe replacing the pictures of you two. He quickly started to remove pictures. You peeked in the kitchen and saw four garbage bags.

"What's that?" You asked. He looked at where he was pointing.

"The guys gift wrapped the whole house." Joe said. You gasped.

"No way." You said. He nodded and frowned. You smiled at him. You strutted over to him and smirk. "Well I have a present for you that's way better."

"Really?" He asked. You nodded. "Can I have it?" You nodded again. You stood on your tippy toes and kissed his lips.

"Yes." You said. Joe got confused. What was his gift? When is he gonna get it?

"So...what is it?" He asked confused. You laughed.

"It's me Joe." You said. He pulled his eyebrows together.

"You? What do you-" A smirk spread across his face. "Ohhh." You smiled and bit your lip.

"Yeah stupid." You said. He laughed.

"I love it when you talk dirty." He said. You laughed a took his hand. You lead him upstairs. He followed behind with a huge smile. You slowed down when you saw Joe hadn't undone gift wrapped the upstairs hallway.

"Joey." You groaned. He placed his hand on the small of your back and lead you forward.

"I'll clean it up after don't worry about it." He kept telling you. You just nodded along. Joe ripped through to open the bedroom door. You groaned to see the bedroom covered. Every little things was wrapped. "Wow. I knew my gift was birthday sex but I didn't think you would wrap the bedroom!" He shouted. A smiled appeared on your face.

"You're such a dork." You said. He smiled and ripped the wrapping paper of the bed. He laid out on the bed.

"I'm ready for my gift." He said. You smiled and got on the bed. He smiled back and put his hand on your cheek. You quickly kissed him, your eagerness shocked him. His hands went the zipper on your dress and slowly zipped it down. You removed the dress for him. His jaw dropped when he saw what you were wearing. You laughed at his face.

"Do you like it Joe?" You asked teasingly. He nodded.

"I love it." He said. You smiled and threw the dress on the floor.

"I was hoping you would." You said. You sat on his lap and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled off his shirt.

"Captain Fat belly!" He yelled. You rolled your eyes. You bit your lip and faked a muffled moaned

"Wow Joe, you know how to make a woman go wild." You said. He laughed a bit, but he could lie, the moan turned him on.

"I hear that a lot." He said. You laughed. You couldn't help but to notice he was getting excited. You smirked and moved your hips in small circles. Joe throw his head back and let a groan slip out. "Don't tease me like that." He mumbled.

"Why not? It's fun!" You said. He shook his head and stopped your hips from moving. Joe unbuttoned his pants and slid them off. You two looked at each other with so much love and lust.

"This is the best gift I've ever gotten." He said. He kissed your neck.

"Even better then the house being wrapped up?" You asked. You nearly burst into laughter when you looked around at the bright wrapping paper.

"Definitely." He said. You went down to his underwear and pulled them off.

"Well it's gonna get a lot better."


"Oh my god...that was amazing." Joe said. You nodded in agreement.

"Wow Joe, you were rougher than usually." You mumbled. He looked over at you.

"In a bad way?" He asked. You smiled and shook head.

"In a great way." You said. He laughed a bit.

"I'll keep that in mind." He said. You laughed and sat up.

"I have dinner to make for you." You said. He quickly sat up.

"Ah yes!" He said. You laughed as he scrambled out of bed. Birthday gift was a success.

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