First Kiss (Joe x Reader)

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"So, tell me....what was your first kiss like?" The question made you freeze in your chair. You looked across the restaurant's table at the smiling Joe Gatto. Your boyfriend for only two month.

"What was that?" You asked even though you heard him perfectly fine.

"Your first kiss. What was it like?" He asked again. You stared down at the glass of wine you were drinking.

"That's an odd question." You said. Joe laughed and shrugged.

"I'm an odd person." He said. He had that right. You sudden felt very comfortable. You didn't want to talk about this anymore. But if you tell him that he'll only keep pressing you.

"Here you are sir." The waiter said, suddenly arriving. He sent down the black check book with Joe's card in it. Joe and you thanked the waiter for his services. As Joe helped you put on your coat, you could feel your heart beat with anticipation. You knew he was gonna bring it up again and that scared you. Joe snapped you out of your thoughts by wrapped his arm around yours.

"Ready?" He asked. You nodded, faking a smile. Apart of you wished that you both had driven instead of walked. "The night is still young." He said suddenly. You looked down at your watch and saw that it was only 8:37 pm.

"Yeah." You said awkwardly. Joe seemed to be shocked by how nervous you were.

"Is everything already?" He asked. You realized that you were breaking your calm demeanor. You laughed a bit.

"Yeah I'm fine! Maybe we can hang out at your place?" You offered. You honestly kinda wanted to go home and be alone but that would only worry Joe. He smiled at the offer and nodded excitedly.

"Sounds fun! Luckily James won't be home so it'll just be us." He said, happily. You gave him a simple nod and focused your attention to your feet. Luckily his apartment wasn't far at all so the silence wasn't unbearably awkward.

"Thanks Joe." You said as Joe helped you take your jacket off when you got inside. You kicked off you heel and walked over to Joe's living room couch. Now something seemed to be weighing on Joe's mind. He made his way to the couch beside you and took your hands into him.

"(Y/N)? Did I upset you?" He asked. You sighed which alarmed Joe immediately.


"It was that first kiss question right? I'm sorry (Y/N) but I was just trying to make a conversation. I wouldn't have been jealous!" He insisted. Nothing really bothered Joe Gatto, but when he came to relationships, he was careful. The last thing he wanted to do was upset you.

"I know you wouldn't have been. It's just a personal problem." You mumbled the last bit of the sentence. Hearing that bit made his stomach drop.

"(Y/N)....that concerns me. It was nothing you didn't want right?" He asked. You squeezed his hand. You realized that if you just didn't tell Joe he was gonna full his head with the worse possibilities he could create.

"Well Joe..." You sighed. "It's just really embarrassing." Joe's concerned face loosened and he even smiled at you.

"Oh I see! All first kisses are awkward! You don't need to be embarrassed to tell me." He said. You groaned a bit.

"I wouldn't know that." You finally said. Joe lost all words. He had no idea what you meant.

"What?" He asked. You covered your face and laid back on couch.

"Ughhhh." You whined. Joe stared at you. He grabbed both your arms and pulled you back to him. He was getting anxious with the curiosity filling him.

"Just tell me!" He said, impatiently.

"I've never kissed anyone! Never, in my adult OR teenage life have I kissed someone!" You blurted out. Joe tilted his head. He laughed a little which made you lightly hit his arm.

"I'm sorry! I'm just shocked!" He said. You shook your head with your hands covering your face. I knew it. You thought to yourself.

"That's not acceptable." Hearing him say that made you uncover your blushing face.

"Huh?" You asked. He looked directly into your eyes with his bright blue ones.

"How could no one kiss you? You're so beautiful! We just started dating a month ago and I want to kiss you!" He said. You started to blush not of embarrassment, but of flattery.

"I don't know. I didn't date in high school. My last boyfriend was long distance so that's one thing...broke up with me before we met in person. Guess that's my fault for dating someone not in Staten Island." You said. Joe shook his head.

"Asshole. Probably can't talk to a girl unless it over messaging." He mumbled. You laughed at his comment.

"After that I kinda disappeared from the dating scene." You said. You smiled at him. "Until I met you that is." Joe laughed. It was quiet for a few minutes as you look at one another.

"Well...." Joe finally said. He took your face into hands. "I would love nothing more than to be your first kiss." Your face began to reddened up again. "You don't have to say yes...."

"I want you to be my first kiss Joe." You said. That response made Joe's smile grow.

"Good. Let's do it." He laughed. You both closed your eyes. Joe gently pulled your face to his until lips touched. You were nervous but you managed to melt into the kiss. Joe slowly pulled away from you, not wanting to make the kiss too long for you.

"Wow." You mumbled when Joe looked into your eyes. He pulled you into a side hug and chuckled.

"There you go! Your first kiss." He said. You felt excited at the very thought of this being your first kiss. This must have been what those teens in high school were talking about.

"It was great. Thanks." You said. Joe winked at you with a smirk on his face.

"No problem. No problem at all." He said. You laid your head on his shoulder with an smile that wasn't going to go away for awhile. You may have found the man you've been waiting for.

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