Wedding Dress Shopping (Murr x Reader)

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You stared down at the ring on your ring finger and smiled to yourself. Just a few months ago, the moment you had been waiting finally came. Your boyfriend of 3 years, Murr, had finally proposed to you. It was an emotional and touching moment that makes you tear up with joy just thinking about it. The both of you had done a lot to plan in the last few months, but the thing you were most excited about was going to be found. Your wedding dress. You knew you would need some friends to help you find the perfect dress so you decided to bring your three friends Joe, Sal and Q. You knew most people would bring their girl friends but you didn't really have any girl friends to bring. Not to mention, these three idiots were your and Murr's best friends ever. Who else would you bring?

"Getting the hives looking at these Q?" You jokingly asked him when you all went inside. He pulled at his collar while darting his eyes around.

"I-I don't know what you mean." He said in a dramatic tone. He made Joe laugh loudly. A bridal consultation approached the four of you.

"Are you Ms. (Y/L/N)?" She asked. You smiled sweetly and nodded. "Perfect! Follow me this way and I'll see you your room. As you walked, she leaned towards you.

"Who have you brought with your dear? Anyone of these gentlemen the groom?" She asked. You laughed a little. This definitely wasn't the first time you got that. The guys were either a boyfriend or a brother to others, never a friend.

"They're all mine and the groom's friends." You said. She made a face of understanding and nodded. She opened the white door to relieve a big room with a large mirror and chair. To the side was a slightly smaller room with a mirror which you assumed was where you put the dress on.

"So tell me dear, what kind of dress are you looking for?" The consultant asked.

"Well-" Joe stuck out his hand before you could start.

"(Y/N). Sorry to interrupt, but me and the guys were thinking we could look for a dress we think will look nice on you." He said. You looked between the guys' smiling faces. You sighed.

"We got you girl." Sal said with a hint of sass. You laughed.

"Fine. Go take a look." You told them. They happily thanked you and went out to the racks. Once they were gone you turned to the consultant. "I'll tell you what I want." She laughed and let you explain.

The first to come back was Q. You put down your phone and greeted him with a smile. "Hi." You said. He smiled back.

"I found a dress." He said. He lifted up the dress he had on his arm. It was short dress that looked like it would go mid thigh. The shirt was made with white tulle and the sleeves sat at the shoulders. From the hips to the chest it was solid white while the rest was a sheer white fabric. You grabbed the hanger from him to admire it closer.

"Awww it's cute Q." You told him. Hearing that made him smile more.

"I thought so too. Plus, it's a bit different." He explained. You nodded. You went into the dressing room to hang the dress in there. When you came back, Sal was now inside talking to Q.

"(Y/N)!" He yelled excitedly. You noticed that his dress was a long one. He lifted it up so that you could see the whole dress. It was a sleeveless mermaid dress with lace flower decal down the dress. The flared skirt was a wavy tulle.

"Wow Sal." You said. Q seemed a bit envious of your praise to him. But it did make Sal smile.

"I know it's very pretty." He said. You nodded and put it with Q's dress.

"You're really into mermaids aren't you Sal?" Q asked. Sal scoffed at Q's Tenderloins reference.

"Well (Y/N) will look like a very classy mermaid." Sal said. Joe came in with a dress that seemed to be bigger than the others.

"(Y/N), you are gonna love this." He said with a lot of confidence. He showed you the ball gown the skirt was tulle like the other but this one had lace sleeves.

"Oooo sleeves." You said, grabbing one of them. Joe nodded.

"Thought it was cool." He said. You took the hanger and told the boys to sit down until the consultant came back. You were growing more eager every second until she finally came in.

"Right to try these on dear?" She asked you.

"Yes!" You said to her, beaming. She helped you try on each dress, starting with Q's. While us was pretty you weren't sure about it.

"Reminds me of a school dance." Sal mumbled. Joe laughed but Q just shook his head.

"She looks great shut up!" He exclaimed. You stepped off the the platform.

"I'm not really feeling it. Sorry Q." You told him. Next you tried on Sal's dress. It was very beautiful! But it was also hard to walk in.

"You look stiff. Beautiful...but stiff." Joe said. You nodded.

"Definitely gonna be hard to dance in." You told them. Sal sighed.

"Yeah." He said simply. You waddled your way back into the dressing room and changed into Joe's. You pushed down the skirt to make sure you saw where you were going. You liked everything about it, but the idea other tripping at your special, made you extremely nervous.

"Can you see what you're doing?" Q asked. You were reluctant to tell him cause you knew they'll laugh.

"Not...really." You mumbled. They did laugh but you just shook your head. No offense to the guys, but you ready to try on the dress you picked. You lifted up the skirt the best you could and went to the fitting room. You excitedly let the consultant help you get the dress on. You walked over to mirrors and felt the guys' watching you this time. You stopped and admired yourself.

"Wow (Y/N), you look great!" Joe said. Sal and Q nodded in agreement. You smiled.

"Who picked this one?" Sal asked. You laughed and pointed at yourself.

"Good pick." Q said.

"Thank you!" You said. When the consultant put it the veil, you knew this was the dress you wanted to be married in.


"Wow (Y/N)." You heard Murr said when you were dancing together. You laughed a bit

"What?" You asked. He looked you up and down.

"You look incredible that's what." He told you. You blushed. You were happy that he liked your dress as much as you did.

"You look very handsome Murr." You said. He smiled back at you. You two shared a kiss which made you hear some 'awe's from the people watching you both dance.

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