Winter Fun (Joe x Reader)

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You shivered as you sat on a park bench. You were watching Joe, Q and Sal holding cards up for Murr to tell the person he was talking to "hey I know you!" You were one of the people who set up the cameras at locations. You loved working with your boyfriend and your and his friends. You were wearing a hat and gloves and you were still in believably cold. You put you hood up and felt slightly better.

"Here you go." Al said, handing you a hot chocolate. You smiles at him and took a sip.

"Mhmm thank you." You say. He nods and walks off. As you sip your coffee, you notice Joe coming up to you.

"Hi sweetie." He says and takes a seat. You two kiss and smile at each other.

"So did you win?" You ask. He shakes his head. "Oh man that sucks."

"Is that a hot beverage?" He asks, pointing at your cup and nod. He smiles. "Can I have some?" He asks. You nod and give it to him. He take a big sip.

"No wait!" You say quickly. He pulls the cup away quickly.

"Hot!" He yells. You laugh and take the cup.

"Let me cool you off then!" Q yells throwing a snowball at Joe. You both look at Murr and Q holding snowballs.

"Me and Q vs You and Y/N?" Murr suggests. Joe looks at you and you nod.

"Let's do this!!!" Joe yells. You laughed and set down your hot chocolate. You all give each other time to make some snowballs. While Joe made snowballs, you made a snow wall which was small enough not to take forever and big enough for you two to be protected. You looked over across the grass lot where Murr and Q were. They had the same idea as you two.

"Are you almost done?" Q yelled. You looked at Joe and he gave you a nod.

"Yeah!" You yell back.

"Ok I surrender!" Murr yells. He stands up and walks away.

"Murr!" Q yells at him.

"I'm cold." Murr whined. Q whipped a snowball at him.

"VICTORY!!!" You and Joe yell. You give him a huge hug.

"Do I get a kiss too?" He asks. You nod and give him a kiss.

"Hey, where's Sal?" You ask.

"He didn't want to be apart of it. He's inside like a loser." Joe explained. You smirked.

"What do you saw we team up with Q and Murr and get him?" You suggest.

"God I love you. Q!!! Murr!! Come here!" Joe yells. Both guys run over.

"What's up?" Q asks.

"Y/N decided that we should get Sal." Joe said. Murr and Q nodded in agreement. You all walk towards the building that the crew were sitting in to warm up. You all go to the side of the building just by the door. The boys all prepared a few snowballs

"Y/N, you go get Sal and get him out here." Murr says.

"What do I say?" You ask. They all shrugged but then you thought of an idea. You run into the building and start tugging on Sal's sleeve.

"Y/N? What wrong?" He asks.

"Joe brought his dog on set and it got off the leash and is running around we can't catch him, you gotta help!" You said pretending to be panicked.

"I'm kinda... I mean. It's cold." Sal muttered. You looked up at him with begging eyes. He sighed. "Alright." He said. You ran out side and Sal slowly followed.

"This way!" You said and run around to the side.

"Is he coming?" Joe asked. You nodded and shush him. You all pick up two snowballs.

"Gu-" You all whip snowballs at Sal.

"Take that sucker!" Q yelled. Sal didn't really bother to make his own snowballs, he just tried to block them with his arms.

"Come on!" Sal yelled. You, Joe, Murr and Q howled with laughter. Sal made eye contact with you.

"Haha!" You yell. He then runs at you and tackles you. "Joe! Get him off!" You yell.

"Come on Sal get off." Joe says in a serious tone. Sal sighs and stands up. "SIKE!" Joe yells. He tackles Sal and you laugh like crazy. Joe gets up and walk towards you. "Behold! Your knight in shining armor!" He said. You laugh.

"You're so weird!" You say. He helps you up and you kiss.

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