Done with Dating (Joe x Reader)

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"How's it going with (Y/N)?" Sal asked. Joe had all the guys over for some fast food. Joe sighed.

"Uh ohhh." Q said. Joe chuckled a bit.

"Well it's just she has a boyfriend and I want to ask her out but I can't." He said. The guys nodded. They were trying to think about how to help Joe with his situation.

"Sorry man you can't go for her. She's got a boyfriend that's fucked up." Murr said. Joe groaned and ate a bite of his burger.

"I know." He said with a mouth full of food. The guys laughed at him. Joe nearly choked when the door slammed. You stormed into the apartment. The guys all stared at you. You threw your purse on the empty dining room chair.

"Hey guys..." You said awkwardly.

"Hey." They all said.

"We got you a burger." Q said. He tossed the White Castle to you. You smiled.

"Thank you guys so much." You said. Sal patted the empty chair beside him and Joe. "No. I'm gonna eat in my room....if you all don't mind."

"Not at all." Murr said. They all watched you sulk to your room.

"Well?" Q asked. Joe looked between all the guys.

"What?" Joe asked. They rolled their eyes.

"Go comfort her! She's obviously upset." Q said. Murr and Sal nodded.

"But she wants to be alone." Joe said. Sal chuckled at him.

"Oh Joe. So young and naïve." He said. Joe rolled his eyes.

"I'm older the you-"

"That's not the point!" Sal cut off Joe, causing Q and Murr to laughed. "The point is, you don't understand why you need to comfort her."

"Because she's upset?" Joe said, being a smart ass. Sal face palmed. Murr cut in.

"What Sal is trying to say is that (Y/N) need to comfort from someone and her boyfriend isn't here but you are." Murr explained.

"I see what you're saying." Joe said.

"And bonus, it might even be about her boyfriend. And she'll be all over the man who comforts her and makes her feel better." Q said. Joe smiled to himself. The guys could be right about this.

"I should probably see her..." Joe mumbled. Murr patted Joe's shoulder.

"You should man!" He said. Joe shrugged.

"Why the hell not?" He said. The guys smiled and encouraged him. Q grabbed the White Castle full of French fries.

"Well in that case we better go just in case she gets too all over you." Q said with a wink. Joe laughed a bit. E
"Yoeu're a pig." He said. The other laughed.

"Bye Joe good luck!" They all said. Joe smiled

"Thanks you guys." He said. Joe shut the door and looked over at yours. "She needs you Joey. She's just your roommate. You're" Joe sighed. "Damn it." He walked over and lightly knocked on the door.

"Come in." You said. Joe opened the door and saw you sitting on your bed eating your burger. You smiled a bit and wiped your mouth. "Hey Joey."

"Hi (Y/N), is everything ok?" He asked. You nodded. He shook his head.

"You're lying." He said. You sighed. He walked over and sat on the bed next to you. "Please tell me what's wrong."

"My boyfriend dumped me..." I mumbled. Joe rubbed your shoulder. He was trying not to show his happiness.

"That's horrible." He said. You huffed then suddenly started stuffing garage into the White Castle.

"What ever it's fine!" You stood up and threw the bag into the trash can.

"You'll find someone else-" You laughed.

"Oh please! I'm over it. I'm sooo DONE with dating!" You yelled. Joe laughed awkwardly.

"You can't let one guy ruin your dating life." He said. You scoffed.

"He isn't the first one to dump me for some dumb reason! It must be a guy thing!" You said. Joe got very nervous, he was only making things worse.

"It's not a guy thing! It's a douchy guy thing! Not all guys are like that." He said. You walked over to him, stopping a foot in front of him.

"I knew but the perfect guy doesn't exist-" You looked into Joe's blue eyes. He does exist. He's you're roommate. He cared about you way more then your boyfriend did, he knew so much about you and you didn't even realize it! It had to be the lack of a boyfriend to make you see this. You blushed which Joe noticed immediately. You both stared at each other, barely moving.

"I mean...he has to exist." Joe mumbled. I nodded.

"He...probably does." You said. He stood up, his face close.

"You're boyfriend doesn't deserve a woman like you. He made a huge mistake dumping you." Joe said. He set his hand on your upper arms. You laughed a bit.

"I glad he did Joe." You said. Joe was a little shocked to hear this.

"Glad huh?" He said. You nodded. With that you kissed him. You couldn't resist anymore, he wasn't going to do it, he was too nervous. You were confused when he pulled away and laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" You asked.

"I thought you were done with men?" He said. Your mouth dropped.

"Fine then im never kissing you again." You said. You walked towards the door but he grabbed your hand.

"I'm kidding. We're going out tomorrow." Joe said. You were ready to tell Joe that you guys shouldn't, that you weren't even single for one day. But you figured, why not? Joe was hard to resist.

"Sounds good." You said. He smiled.

"Hell yes!" He yelled. You laughed. He was the one.

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