Sheriff Q (Part Two Q x Reader)

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You walked into the local bank you ran with your friend. "Hello Sal." You said. He smiled at you.

"Hello (Y/N). Took you awhile. Did you go visit the sheriff again?" He asked. You shook you're head.

"I don't wanna disturb him." You said. He rolled his eyes at you. You sighed and got to work. As you looked through papers, Sal told you someone wanted to you outside. You walked outside.

"Hello?" You said looking around.

"Hey there." You looked in front of you and saw the bandana man. You backed up a bit but he grabbed your wrist. "Don't go so soon." He grinned.

"What do you want?" You asked.

"I noticed you and the sheriff are pretty close. I don't quite understand that. You're so pretty and he's sooooo......pathetic, weak, and ugly. Even your tougher than him." He said. You tugged your wrist away from him.

"None of that is true!" You yelled. He gave you an annoyed glare.

"Yeah sure. Don't you want a real man?" He got close to you. "Like my self?" He asked. You scoffed.

"The thought of that makes me wanna hurl." You replied. He laughed.

"You know what is disgusting to me? The sheriff. I'll do us the favor and take care of him once and for all." He said. You pushed him away.

"I-I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. Now." You demanded. He laughed at your attempt.

"Come on now." He said. You jumped as the man grabbed your skirt and lifted it. You slapped his hands away and sighed in relief. How did he even mange to grab all the layer of your shirt in one go? Probably not the first time he's done that to a woman.

"You pervert!" You screamed. Sal quickly stormed out.

"Hey!" He yelled. The bandana man raised an eyebrow.

"Who the hell are you? Butt out!" He yelled. Sal grabbed him by the collar.

"You get your no good, sorry ass off the steps of my bank and never come back or I'll get the sheriff!" He yelled.

"Nooo." The bandana man shoved him away and grabbed you. You felt something pressed up against your head. "You're gonna give us the money you have in that bank or I'll shoot her brains out!" He yelled. Sal looked at you in panic.

"Ok ok! I'll give you the money!" He said. The bigger man from the bar came out putting a gun on his back and forced him into the bank. He forced you towards the ladder of the roof.

"Climb." He demanded. You climb up the ladder with him behind you. When you both got to the top he tied you up and put a cloth into your mouth. You sat there annoyed. Come on Q where are you.


I sat there drinking a pint of beer. Being sheriff is hard. "Sheriff! Sheriff! Sheriff!" I heard outside. The guns salesman James bolted into the room.

"What's the rush James?" I asked. He took a few deep breaths.

"The bank is being rob sheriff! And one guy had explosives!" He yelled in panic. I set down my beer and stood up. I ran towards the bank. "Good luck sheriff!" James yelled. I readied my gun and walked into the bank. I saw that big son of a bitch forcing Sal to stuff a bag with money.

"Get that gun away from him!" I yelled. The man turned to me and pulled out his gun too. Sal slowly ducked under the counter.

"One of us is going down and it's not gonna be me." He said.

"Then what was the point of saying one of us?" I asked. He looked at me in anger.

"Shut up!" He yelled. He shot at me and clipped my arm.

"Ah shit." I yelled. I guess (Y/N) will have to help me.....what a crying shame. I shot at him and got him in the stomach. Luckily he collapsed onto the floor. I groaned a bit and walked up to the counter.

"Are you ok?" I asked. Sal slowly raised up. He nodded.

"How about you?" He asked looking at my arm.

"Nothing some stitches won't fix.....I hope." I said. He ran to a first aid kit and wrapped my wound.

"You need to save (Y/N)!" He said. I looked at him.

"What? I didn't know she was here." I said. He nodded.

"She works here. Some man had her but I don't know where she went! Please save her!" He said. I ran outside the bank not sure where to go or where to look.

Third person POV

"HEY SHERIFF!" Bandana man yelled. Q quickly looked to the top of the roof.

"You're crazy." Was the only thing Q could really say. The man nodded.

"Are you prepared for a huge bang sheriff?" He asked. Q shook his head. "Don't worry you'll be dead by then."

"Draw!" Q yelled. They both pulled out there guns.

"I don't believe you see the whole problem you're in. Not only will a portion of the town by blown up but so will your girlfriend." The man pointed at you Q looked up at you with sad eyes. You looked at him with the same look. The man had a smirk on his face. "If only she cooperated. She wouldn't be up here." He said.

"You better stop this!" Q yelled. The man laughed.

"No way! If you want to stop me you come here and face me! I'll kill you! And the town will go to hell!" He laughed again. "Come on then! Face me like a ma-" A loud gun shot echoed and the man fell off the roof and onto hay. Q looked at his gun confused. He hadn't fired the gun

"Sheriff!" Q looked up and saw Joe (Murr's business partner) sticking a gun out a second floor window. "What are you waiting for?!" He yelled.

"Oh right!" Q ran up the ladder, wincing in pain because of his arm. He went to you and took off the cloth around your mouth.

"Q thank god!" You said. He smiled at you.

"Hold on please." He said. He ripped the dynamite off the fuse box and threw it off the roof he then untied the rope from your body. As soon as the ropes came off, you hugged him tightly.

"That was horrible." You said softly. He rubbed your back. You then made eye contact with him. "You're amazing." You said then pulled him into a kiss. He kissed you back slightly shocked by this.

"That was probably the hundredth time this week I was pulled by the collar but for actually ended well." He said. You laughed.

"Well here comes hundred and one sheriff." You pulled him in for another kiss. He smiled into the kiss. Your elbow accidentally hit his arm and the arm wound you didn't know about.

"Ouch!" He said. You quickly backed away.

"What happened?" You asked.

"Don't freak out but I got shot." He said. You used all your might not to yell at him for not being in a panic or something.

"Let me take care of you then." You said. He smiled.

"Darn it. I hate being shot." He smirked. You rolled your eyes and walked down the ladder after him.

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