Gordon the Fish (Q x Reader)

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"How come I haven't met your roommate yet? Well, why haven't I seen your apartment?" You asked Brian. You have been dating for months and you've never stepped foot in his apartment. You often hang out at your house which is actually where you two were now. He removed his hat and scratched the back of head.

"Well..... my roommate is kinda a nut job." He said. You laughed.

"Why do you say that?" You asked. He sighed and put his hat back on.

"Well his name is James and he has a pet fish named Gordon that he treats like a human being! He has a bedtime, he takes baths, he has shows to watch on tv, he pays rent!" He complained.

"The fish pays rent?" You asked questionably. He shrugged.

"Well James writes checks for him." He said. You nodded showing you understood.

"That's crazy." You mumbled. He nodded. "But I'm interested in him. Can I met him tomorrow ?" You asked. He sighed.

"I guess if you want to." He said. You smiled. "I gotta get going anyways, I got work in the morning."

"Bye Brian." You said. You both kissed and he left.


You arrived to Brian's and James' apartment earlier then you were suppose to but you might as well introduce yourself to James before Brian came home from work. You knocked on the door and waited.

"I'll get it Gordon." You heard from inside. You sighed. So it was true. A smallish, skinny man answered the door. "Hello?" He said.

"Hi. Sorry I came early." You told him. You looked at you confused. "Didn't Brian tell you I was coming over?" You asked.

"No he didn't. Who are you? A friend of his?" He asked.

"I'm (Y/N) I'm Brian's girlfriend" you said.

"Hm Brian never told me that he had a girlfriend. Well, I'm James Murray, his room mate." He said. You both shook hands. He invited you in. "And this is Gordon." He said pointing at the fish bowl. You bent down to the bowl's level.

"Uh, hey Gordon. I'm (Y/N) nice to met you." You said. You must have done something right cause James smiled. You both heard a door open.

"Hey James, I have someone coming- Nevermind, hey you're early." Brian said. He kissed you.

"Yeah. I know. It's ok I met James so it's alright." You said. He nodded. The whole night was awkward. All James talked about was the fish. He yelled at you for changing the channel cause Gordon was watching the show that was on. "Oh shit!" You yelled. You had accidentally opened up a shaken pop can which got on your shirt, pants, arms and was heading towards your legs.

"Go get in the shower I'll get a change of clothes for you." Brian said.

"Thanks." You said. You walked into the bathroom. You almost turned on the shower but noticed it was full. Then you noticed that damn fish floating around. "BRIAN!" You yelled. He ran in.

"What's wrong?" He said slightly panicked. You pointed at the bath tub. He sighed. "James!" He yelled.he came in.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"I need to shower. I got pop all over me!" You said.

"Sorry it's Gordon bath time." He said.

"He's a fucking fish!" You yelled.

"I don't care! Deal with it or never come back!" He stomped off. Brian sighed. He grabbed a small towel and wetted it. He washed your legs and arms while apologizing to you about James. He handed you clothes that was clearly his. You took off your clothes and put them on.

"I'll put these in the wash." He said,  grabbing the clothes off the ground. He left the room. You looked over the bath tub.

"I'll get you someday fish." You said and walked out.

You and Brian finished your date and went back to his place. You wondering why until he said "You know, James isn't home until tomorrow..." He said. His arms was on the door over your head. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck.

"Perfect." You smirked. He grabbed you waist and grinned. You kissed passionately out the hall for a few minutes. Then Brian pulls away and unlocks the door. The second the door is shut, the kissing starts again. Your legs are wrapped around his waist and you against the wall. He was in the middle of kissing your neck when the door started opening. You quickly put your feet on the ground and you both straightened your clothes.

"Hey Brian I'm home! Oh hey (Y/N)." James said. He did a double take on you then looked over at Gordon. He sat in his bowl that was on the living room table.

"I thought you weren't gonna be home till tomorrow." Brian said.

"Early flight." James mumbled. He went up to Gordon and watched the fish float around.

"Well we're going to (Y/N)'s house." Brian said.

"Sure but let me talk to you alone Brian." James said. Brian huffed as you walked into the hall.

"Yeah?" He asked, shutting the door.

"Why would you do that in front of Gordon?" James asked. He was overacting. Again.

"Why would you think we were doing that?!" Brian lied.

"There's a hickey on (y/n)'s neck." James said. Brian shrugged.

"Oops." He said then just walked out. "Let's get back to what we were doing." He smirked. He grabbed your hands and left

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