Ghost Adventures (Jokers x Reader)

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Sal x Reader

"(Y/N)! I'm gonna kill you and your ghost friends!" Sal screamed. You laughed. Q had asked you to have your co-stars Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay to have your boyfriend Sal go into a real haunted house. Durning it, you all left him alone to find his way out.

"Sal, you can leave when you man up and catch a voice on the voice recording." You said. Sal groaned.

"Just remember what we taught you." Zak said. Sal scoffed.

"You taught me nothing!" He yelled. Everyone laughed. Sal used the flashlight on his phone to see the buttons on the recorder. He could see his hands trembling which made it hard to hold his phone in his hands. He pressed the record button. "What do I say?" He asked.

"Anything you want." Aaron said. Sal nodded and took a deep breath.

"I-Is anyone here?" He yelled out. He looked around nervously, thinking someone might jump out and scare him. "What's your name? I don't fucking know man."

"You're doing great buddy." Q said. Sal started walk around the house a bit more. A book fell onto the floor sending everyone into a fit, mostly Sal.

"Great evidence." You said. Sal rolled his eyes.

"Why am I dating you!?" He yelled. You laughed. Sal asked a few more questions and got scared so much. "Can I stop!?" He begged.

"Ugh I guess." Joe said. Sal sighed in relief. He got out of the house as fast as he could. He gave the voice recorder to Jay.

"Perfect. We'll see you guys tomorrow with the evidence." He said. The guys nodded.


"We are back with the Ghost Adventures crew and they have all the voices that Sal got in that house." Murr said. Sal sat there nervously biting the side of his index finger.

"Let's just get this over with please." He mumbled. Jay gave Sal a pair of headphones. The guys were smirking since they had already heard the audio and couldn't wait for Sal's face. Most of the audio just made Sal gasp a little buy the last one sent chills down his spine.

"My name is Sal!" Sal yelled in the audio recording. It's was silent for few minutes but then he heard a whisper say 'kill....Sal'

"Oh my god it said it wanted to kill me!" He yelled freaked out. Zak laughed a bit.

"Well good thing you got out of there." He said patting his shoulder. Sal shoved Zak's arm off.

"Don't touch me you ghost freak." He said. You laughed and gave Sal a side hug.

"I don't sorry Sal. We get that all the time." You said. The crew nodded which made Sal shrug.

"You know what you guys are freaks. I can't believe I trusted you guys to help me out with this punishment. Why did I-" Joe violently poked Sal's side which made him jump and scream. Joe went into a burst of laughter and clapped his hands. Sal laid his head on your shoulder which made you laugh.

Q x Reader

"Q! Q! Q!" You yelled. He looked up from his phone and smiled a bit at your childish behavior.

"What? What? What?" He asked. You showed him the photo Zak Bagans had just posted a photo of a flyer. It was a convention called Paracon. Him and the rest of the Ghost Adventures crew would be there to sign stuff.

"Zak Bagans is gonna be in Staten Island!" You yelled. He took your phone and looked the picture. He nodded.

"Looks fun." He said. He thought for a moment. "There's no shooting on Friday....sure. I'll take you." You smiled and kissed him.

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