Craig Murray (Murr x Reader)

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You woke up to hear Craig over the baby monitor. You weren't sure what he was doing but it sounded like he was singing. It wasn't words since he was too young to speak a lot.

"Dada dada dada." Craig sung. You laughed. His first and only word so far. You stood up and walked to his bedroom. He looked up at you with his small bear in his arms.

"Hello!" You said cheerfully. You bent over and picked him up.

"Dada?" He asked. You frowned a bit and headed downstairs.

"He's filming an episode right now but he'll be back soon." You said. Craig just made a small hum. You yawned. You often took a nap when he did. You felt heard your phone ring in the livingroom. "Darn." You mumbled. You set Craig on the floor with his toys. You went and answered the phone. "Hello?" You said.

"Hi." Q said with some giggling. You shook your head. You had a feeling they did something to Murr.

"What's up?" You asked.

"We're on our way to your house." Q said.

"Ok. We'll see you guys soon then." You said. Q laughed and hang up the phone. "Weird." You said to yourself. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Craig looked over at the same time you did.

"Dada." He said. You smiled and nodded. You walked to the door and opened it.

"Hey." Q said. Joe stood next to him.

"Hey guys." You said. You looked behind them. "Where's Sal and Murr?" You asked. They both laughed.

"Murr's a little embarrassed right now so Sal's trying to calm him down." Joe said. You nodded. You let Joe and Q inside.

"Craig!" Joe and Q yelled excited. Craig laughed.

"Coo!" He yelled.

"You'll get it soon." Q laughed. Joe frowned.

"What about me?" He asked. Craig let out incoherent blabbing. Joe shrugged and picked him up. The door suddenly swung open. You could hear Murr repeatedly saying no. You turned to see have his hair shaved off. You covered your shock.

"Oh my god Murr." You mumbled. Murr looked at the floor while Sal laughed his ass off.

"Yeah I know..." Murr mumbled. You walked to him and looked at him closely.

"You look so.....different." You said. He looked at you with a frown.

"It's fine he didn't lose that much hair." Joe said. They all laughed. You kissed Murr since you felt bad for him.

"Give me my son." He said walking to Joe. He took Criag from Joe. "Hi Craig." He said sweetly. Craig stared at Murr with his mouth slightly open. At this point he would be screaming dada but he looked confused.

"He looks afraid." Q laughed. Murr frowned.

"No!" He yelled. Craig whined a bit and started to fuss.

"Coooo." He whined. Q took him from Murr.

"Aw Craig that's just your dad silly." Q said. Craig just stared at Murr.

"It's ok Murr he'll realize soon." You told him. Murr nodded.


"Dada dada dada." Craig sung. He was watching tv with Murr. He finally started to get used of Murr's new look.

"I'm glad you know who I am." Murr mumbled kissing Craig's forehead.

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