Kittens! (Q x Reader)

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"Please?" Q asked again. You sighed.

"Q, I don't know. We're not home often. Besides, we already have Chessie and Benjamin." You said.

"But don't you want a cute little kitten?" He asked. You sighed.

"Fine." You mumbled.

"Yes!" He yelled happily.

"Ok so we're gonna have to find someone who's giving away kittens-"

"I already did they expecting us today." He grinned. You started at him.

"What?" You asked.

"I already found someone and called. It's a black and white car named Brooklyn. NOW LETS GO!" He said jumping off the couch. You shook your head.

"That jerk." You chuckled.


"Well here we are!" He said parking his car in the drive way. You looked at the house.

"Cute house." You said getting out of the car. He nodded and got out.

"I'm so excited." He said. You nodded. He knocked on the door. A little girl answered the door. 

"Mom!" She yelled. A woman came to the door.

"Hi you must be Brian." She said shaking Q's hand.

"Yes. This is my (girlfriend/boyfriend), (Y/N)." He said.

"Hi. I'm Heather." She said, shaking your hand.

"Hello." You said. Heather let you both in. A black cat greeted you and Q. You both got down and pet it.

"Adorable." He said. You walked to the living room with Heather and Q. A small black and white kitten slowly walked up to the two of you. You let your hand hover above the kitten so she could sniff it. After she did, she rubbed up against your hand.

"She's so cute and tiny." You smiled. Heather nodded. You noticed a few other kittens who were playing with toys. You two must have been the first ones to get a kitten. Since according to Q two of their cats had a litter.

"I'll go get the cat carrier." Q said. He walked out to the car. You and the little girl silently pet the cat.

"I named her Brooklyn..." She said softly. You smiled.

"It's a great name." You said. She smiled back.

"Thank you. My name is Ruby." She said.

"Hi Ruby. My name is (Y/N)." You said.

"Is that man your husband?" She asked. You shook your head.

"No. He's my boyfriend. His name is Q." You said. She nodded. Q came back swinging the cat carrier. You smiled. He talked with Heather about Brooklyn while you talked to Ruby.

"Do you have any other cats?" She asked.

"Two. Benjamin and Chessie." You said.

"Ok good. Then you know how to take care of her." She smiled. You nodded. Ruby said goodbye to Brooklyn and put her inside the carrier. You and Q said goodbye and thank you to Heather.

"Bye (Y/N)! Bye Q! Take good care of Brooklyn!" Ruby yelled to you both as you left. You laughed and waved.

"Ok! We promise!" Q yelled. The whole way home Brooklyn meowed. You both felt slightly bad but you knew she was just confused. When you both got home, Q grabbed the carrier and carried her in. You followed behind him.

"I hope she likes the others." You say, when you enter the living room. Chessie and Benjamin wake up slightly, just to peek over at the carrier.

"I do too." Q said. He opened the door of the carrier. After a few minutes of letting her feel comfortable to come out, Brooklyn slowly walked out. Q carefully took the cage away. You watched her sniff you and Q, then sniff around the room. She walked over and sniffed Benjamin and Chessie. Both of the sleepy cats lifted their heads to sniff back.

"Awww." You said. Q grabbed your shoulders and kissed your cheek. When you looked over Brooklyn was curled up with Benjamin and Chessie sleeping soundly.

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