Chair Pick Up (Sal x Reader)

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Sal yelped as Q whipped him around the mobility scooter. "Stop! Who taught you to drive!?" Sal yelled. Q laughed.

"Shut up!" He yelled. Sal jumped when the chair quickly whipped forward. Sal groaned as he traveled through the park crashing into things. Q noticed you a distances away.

"Guys attractive girl!" Q said. All the guys looked at the screen.

"Guys? Where?" Sal asked. You were on the phone with your mom.

"Yeah, I'm in the middle of walking through the park." You said. Joe took the remote from Q.

"I'm going in hot boys!" Joe yelled, making the chair zoom forward.

"Guys no!"Sal yelled. They laughed ignoring him. He rode up beside you. "Hey." He said.

"Mom, hold on." You pulled the phone away from your ear. "Hello. Do you need something?" You asked nicely.

"Yep." He said. He pointed at his upper thigh. "Your ass, on this lap." He said. You laughed a bit.

" thanks?" You said awkwardly. He shook his head, laughing a bit.

"No thanks!" Joe yelled, laughing at what you said. You put your phone back on your ear and continued to walk. Murr quickly made Sal cut you off. You sighed.

"I'll call you later mom. Love you." You moved the phone off your ear and hang up. "Listen sir-"

"Sal." Sal said with a smile. You gave him a small smile.

"Sal, I don't want to sit on your lap. I have to go." You said. Sal got a flirty smirk on his face which quickly turned a bit goofy and nervous.

"I'll let you go if..... I get yo numba." He said. You raised your eyebrow.

"You're trying be all cool while riding a mobility scooter?" You asked. The guys burst into laughter.

"Is it working?" He asked. You crossed your arms.

"I guess it is, because I actually want to give it to you." You said. The guys gasped.

"What the hell!" Murr yelled. Sal nodded with a smirk.

"Sweettttt." He said. He pulled out his phone. He went to hand you the phone but Joe launched the chair forward. You gasped.

"I'm just gonna go and steal his girl." Q said. The guy laughed while Q ran off.

"Noooo!" Sal yelled. Q grabbed your shoulder which made you jumped. He scoffed and pointed at Sal.

"Can you believe this guy?" He asked. You shrugged.

"Stop! Stop!" Sal yelled.

"Well anyways since your giving away your number....I'm here." Q grinned. Sal nervously stood up. Joe jerked the chair back and forth.

"Ummm...." You mumbled. You didn't want to give Q your number you wanted Sal to have it. Sal quickly jumped off the chair and ran to you.

"Q!" He yelled. You gasped as Q kissed your cheek and ran. You wiped your cheek with your sleeve.

"She wiping her cheek!" Murr said laughing. Q laughed clapping his hands.

"I had to! She pretty and I like pissing you off!" Q said into the microphone.

"You know him?" You asked. Sal sighed and nodded.

"Sadly." Sal mumbled. You shook your head and took Sal's phone. You typed in your number. You jumped when the scooter started hitting your leg.

"Why is that moving?!" You asked. Sal face palmed.

"Come with me." He said. He took you to where the guys were.

"Hello!" They all said. You laughed a bit.

"Hi?" You laughed.

"You're on a show called Impractical Jokers!" Murr said. You laughed.

"I knew something weird was going!" You said. They laughed. "Like the scooter thing....and you! I was wondering how you knew I was giving out my number." Q laughed.

"Yep you caught me! Now if you ever get sick of dating Sal-"

"Q." Sal said annoyed. Q laughed and shrugged.

"Yeah if you don't wanna date Q or Sal-" Murr was cut off when Sal punched his arm. You laughed.

"You should run." Joe said. You laughed.

"Actually I do have to." You said. They smiled.

"Goodbye." They said. You smiled.

"Bye." You said walking off. Sal took out his phone. He never got your name. He smiled at the screen.

(Y/N) aka park girl

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