High Heels (Sal x Reader)

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"How bout her?" Murr asked. Sal looked over at you and bit his lip.

"She is beautiful." He said. He walked over to you gentle making sure not to break his ankles due to the heels. You grabbed your wrist. You took out your earbuds.

"Hello." You said with a smile. He smiled back. You looked him up and down and saw the heels. You laughed. "Oh my gosh." You mumbled.

"So uhhh......how you doing?" He asked in a flirty voice. You laughed.

"I'm doing good how are you?" You asked with a smirk.

"Um I'm doing good but I'll be better if I get your number." He said. You laughed at how corny he was being.

"Hmm sure why not." You said.

"Ohhhhhh!" The guys yelled into the microphone. Sal smiled and handed you his phone. You tapped your number into his contacts and gave him the phone back. 

"See ya." You said to him then walked off.

"(Y/N)."Sal said to himself.

"Good job bud!" Q said. Sal smiled and took a step twisting his ankle a bit.

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