Ice Skating! (Joe x Reader)

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Joe shook side to side as he tired to stay on balance. "Help! Help! Help!" Joe yelled franticly. You sighed and laughed as he wobbled. He laughed a bit too. "Please!" He said. You grabbed his hand. You slowly inched forward with him.

"You're as slow as a grandmother." You said, laughing again. He frowned.

"I'm trying." He said. He tried going a bit faster but he stopped as soon as he almost fell.

"If you take me down with you I'll kill you." You said. He nodded, staring down at his feet.

"Be happy I took you ice skating." He said. You had to convince Joe to take you ice skating since he clearly didn't ice skate.

"I am thank you." You said. You gently kissed his cheek so he wouldn't fall over. He smiled at you.


"I think I'm getting it!" Joe yelled. A few hours later and Joe was going a bit faster.

"Soon you won't need to hold my hand." You said. He slowed down to his old speed. "What are you doing?" You asked.

"I wanna hold your hand." He said. You laughed.

"Ok I'll still hold your hand no matter what." You said. He smiled and went back to the new speed. You both skated off a few minutes later.

"Brr." Joe said, taking off his skates. You nodded and rubbed your arms. Joe walked over to the snack stand. After taking of your skates you walked over to Joe.

"What did you order?" You asked.

"Two hot chocolates. Perfect for after ice skating." He said. The worker handed Joe two cups. "Thanks." Joe said and leading you to a near by bench. You both sat down and talked and laugh and drunk your hot coco.

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