Farm (Sal x Reader)

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"The day I sleep in!" You yelled. You dug around the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.

"Calm down honey." Your mom said.

"It's my cow having her baby! I can't miss it." You said. You grabbed your car keys.

"You aren't gonna walk to the farm?" Your mom asked. You glanced at her.

"I have to get there fast!" You said. You ran out to your car and drove down the path leading to the farm. You parked and ran to the fence on the side of the stall. You didn't bother to look at the three guys beside you. "Oh no i missed it!" You yelled. They guys looked over at you.

"Yeah sorry." One said. You suddenly heard loud gagging.

"What the hell?" You asked. You looked over at a guy leaning against the fence.

"Oh do you work here?" The bearded one asked.

"Well yes. I have the shirt on. Who are you guys? You don't work here...."

"Oh well I'm Murr, this is Joe, Q and the one puking is Sal." The one on the end said. You looked over at Sal.

"Hey!" You yelled. He turned to you. "Don't stand over there that's where the cows usually shit!" He quickly ran over beside you. They all laughed at him. "Why are you puking?" You asked.

"He got some placenta in his mouth that's all! He's just delivered that baby cow." Q said. Sal looked at Q. Q winked at him.

"Uh yeah. Totally." Sal said. You smiled.

"Really?!" You said. He nodded. "Wow i didn't know you were a vet." You said Joe, Murr and Q smiled and walked off.

"Yeah I am but I've been trying of doing something ya know? I wanna be close with animals but not when they're in pain." Sal said playing it cool. You smiled.

"You should work here!" You yelled. He looked at you confused.

"What?" He asked.

"Come on! It'll be fun! You can help take care the animals!" You said. He felt unsure. It was written all over his face. You gave him begging eyes.

"Sounds amazing." He said. You clapped your hands together.

"Great! You start tomorrow! 6:00 am!" You said. Sal smiled weakly. You walked off the truck. "Bye Sal!" You yelled and waved. He waved back. You climbed inside and drove to the house. Sal deeply sighed. The things he did to impress women.


Sal laid his head on his arms. You stood there beside him petting your horse. "Isn't Jack the sweetest?" You asked.

"Yeah he is." He said. You laughed a bit.

"I wouldn't rest there." You said. He looked at your confused. "He likes hair." You said. Sal felt the horse sniff his hair. He quickly stepped backwards. You laughed.

"Q would be screwed." He mumbled to himself.

"For a vet you know very little about animals." You said. He laughed a bit.

"All animals are different....horses don't usually bite hair." He said. You nodded.

"Here." You said. You pulled out a carrot from your pocket.

"That's an interesting thing to pull outta your pocket." He said with a laugh. You laughed too.

"just feed the horse." You said. He took the carrot and gave it to Jack. He smiled as the horse ate.

"So what hospital do you work at?" You asked. Sal froze. He was helping you feed the chickens. He thought he would finish his last task without any questions but failed.

"Staten Island animal hospital." He said. Sounds official. He thought to himself. You nodded.

"What college did you attend?" You asked.

"University of California...." He said. You nodded again.

"That's cool....from the way you acted's like you've never been close farm animals at all." You said. He laughed weakly.

"Well I assure you I have." He said. You nodded.

"Well Sal, before you leave, I want you to met my pet!" You said with a huge smile.

"Oh sure I would love to." He said, smiling. You lead him up near your house.

"PATCHES!" You yelled. Must be a dog. Sal thought to himself. You both heard some noise coming from a tall patch of grass. You smiled and got down on your knees. A dark multi colored cat strutted up to you. "Aww there you are!" You said in a slightly high pitched tone. Sal froze and started down at the cat. You lifted her into your arms.

"Oh....cute." He said. You petted her head.

"She's the best! Want to hold her?" You asked. Sal hesitated.

"No thank you." He said.

"Oh come on. I'm sure you've dealt with cat like her before. She's similar to Benjamin." You said. He looked at you confused.

"Uhhh, who?" He said playing dumb.

"Ya know, that cat from that show you appear in. The one where you hate cats and don't know a damn thing about animals!" You yelled. He frowned. You looked down at patches and petted her.

"(Y/N), I'm sorry, I shouldn't have lied. I just wanted to impress you. I didn't think you would hire me and all that." He said.

"You're a famous actor and you thought I wouldn't notice? Not to mention it's my family's farm. I obviously would have been informed that a show was being filmed here." You said. He sighed.

"Yeah I should have thought about this." He said. You nodded. "Can we go out sometime and start over?" He asked. You sighed.

"Fine. I suppose we could." You said. He smiled.

"Awesome." He said.

"Pick me up on Saturday at 9. Got it?" You said. He nodded.

"Sounds good. See you then." He said. He started to walk to his car.

"Sal!" You yelled. He turned around. "You're fired." You said with a slight grin. He laughed.

"I was gonna quit anyways!" He yelled back. You laughed and watched him leave.

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