Hangman (Highschool Q x Reader)

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Real quick I'm not making fun of people with stammering problems and if you're gonna comment please don't make it towards the issue. I don't see you guys doing that because you're all really nice but you never know. This is based off a book called blackswangreen. It's a good book I highly recommend it.


45 minutes till public execution. I stared out the bus window. I debated on opening the emergency exit door and just jumping right out. Sadly for me, people will notice my absence. Then my mom will be phoned, my dad will be forced to leave his Monday meeting and I'll be hunted down. Why did my teacher decide to chose me, a stammer, to read in front of the class. It's social suicide!

"Can I sit here?" I looked up and saw a girl. I nodded since I feared stammering in front of her. She sat down. I didn't know why she was sitting with me. Most girls sat in the front of the bus since they got on before the boys. "So your names Brian right?" She asked. I nodded. "Do you talk?"

"Yes." I mumbled. She smiled and scooted closer.

"Well I'm (Y/N). I live near your house. Didn't you see my move in?" She asked. I shook my head. I heard my mom say there was a girl my age coming into the neighborhood but I ignored her. I wasn't good at making friends so I figured the girl wouldn't hang out with me.

"N-" Hangman refused to allow the word to leave my mouth. I shut my mouth and tried to find another word that didn't stay with N. I ended up just shaking my head. Hangman liked N and S word. She frowned. She probably realized I had a stammering problem. A smile appeared on her face.

"I like you. Let hang out sometime ok?" She asked. I looked at her shocked. Someone actually wants to hang out. And it's a girl?

"Yeah ok." I answered. She nodded and looked forward. Stammers don't get girlfriends. Or get married. Hangman doesn't like to let stammers say the words they wanna say. So saying 'I do' seems impossible. I could hear his annoying teasing

S-S-She'll see the real you. The s-ss-school's s-sss-stutter boy


"Why isn't Brian doing his speaking sir?" Tom asked. Everyone stared at me. I looked at Mr. Cline. He sighed.

"He's been excused for health reasons." He said. Tom scoffed. Why the hell does he care? I asked myself.

"Doesn't seem very fair." He said. He was just waiting for me to embarrass myself.

"Life isn't fair." Mr. Cline answered. He glared over my direction. I could just picture Hangman pouting nearby. He was also waiting for me to get embarrass. By his hand of course.


"BRAIN!!!" My brother screamed at the top of his lungs. I took my headphones out of my ear.

"What?" I asked. He stared up at me with an annoyed glance. His usually face....

"Why are you in that tree again?!" He asked.

"Cause." I replied bluntly. Stammer can't argue much. They tend to lose very easily. He stomped his foot.

"Whatever. Mom wants to know if you wanna come to the store." He said. I looked at him and tried to answer with a no thanks to be nice. As usual he got annoyed and stomped to the car.

"Bye Brian! Get inside soon!" My mom yelled.

"Ok!" I yelled back. I put in my headphones and watched them drive off. I envied The Beetles. They don't stammer. "Ow!" I shouted. I looked on my lap and saw a big rock. I tugged out the headphones and looked around.

"Helllllooooo!" I looked down and saw (Y/N). She was holding a bike on her side. "What's up?"

"N-Not much." I said. I held back my celebration. Thank you Hangman. I thought to myself. She set her bike in the grass and started climbing the tree. She sat besides me.

"I was just about to go bike riding, wanna come?" She asked. I would have accepted but I couldn't.

"Mom isn't here." I said. She frowned.

"Oh ok. Maybe later or tomorrow." She said. I nodded. "I don't wanna be rude, but do you have trouble speaking?" I took a sharp breath. Hangman smirked as his plan fell into place.

"N-" I tried so hard. The words are fighting back. I felt her waiting but it didn't feel like a burning stare, it felt comforting. I still shut my mouth even with the stare. Lie failed.

"You can tell me. I will understand. It's nothing to be embarrassed by." She said. I groaned.

"I can't. It starts with a letter I can't use. That word is to hard." I said, hugging myself. She thought for a moment.

"Is it stammering?" She asked. I nodded.

"Thank you for not guessing the other word." I said. She nodded.

"Stuttering?" She asked. I nodded. She nodded too.

"It's hard. I have a family member who stutters. I know they're not the same but it's hard." She said. He nodded.

"I'm glad you understand. You're the only one." I said. She frowned.

"I seen the way the boys treat you. A bunch of dicks!" She yelled. I laughed a bit.

"Yeah. They are." I said. (Y/N) suddenly grabbed my hand she pulled out a pen. I kinda wondered why she carried around a pen but I shut up when she started writing her number.

"Call me so we can hang out and stuff. Or if you just need to talk or rant." She said. I nodded and smiled.

Guess what hangman, stutter boy has a friend.

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