Monster Hunter (Part 2)

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I decided to make a part two since its been requested and I figured I'll add the other in. They'll be vampires because why not? They honestly easiest to do and are hot! 😂

You sat at your desk grading papers. Today was such a boring day, you wished there were more monsters around for you and Brian. You always more of bait (which no one asked you to be you just did it) but you were fascinated by the monsters. You kept a journal all about it. You took a break and played with the sliver cross on your neck until there was a knock on the door. You looked up and saw Brian leaning in the doorway. You both smiled at each other. "Hey." He said. He walked over and kissed you.

"Hey. I thought you had tests to grade too?" You asked. He nodded.

"That's boring." He said. You shook your head at him.

"Are you trying to get fired?" You asked. He laughed.

"Maybe. This is only a spare job. I'm mainly a monster hunter." He said. You sighed. "Don't start with that."

"What?.....its just.....there hasn't been any monsters here since the mutants broke out." You said. Every since R.L. decided to rewrite the manuscripts (cause they're "pieces of art" according to R.L.) but one bump into the shelf then boom! A monster is out. "I mean it's a boring knowing that this monsters don't exactly have a interesting unknown story since they're from one." You said. Brian nodded.

"But it's our job. We protect the people of this town." He said. You shrugged. "Do you know what we need?" He asked.

"What?" You asked. He smiled.

"A vacation." He said. You raised an eyebrow.

"But we don't have time for that. We have our jobs and your spare job." You said. He rolled his eyes. You stood up and put your papers into manilla folder. He walked behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

"It'll be fun. Just me and you together. No one asking us to get monsters. No way to put ourselves in danger." He said in your ear. You smiled. "And no-"

"HELP!" Champ yelled running into the classroom. Brian sighed.

"Champ." He mumbled. You stepped away from Brian and walked to Champ.

"What's wrong?" You asked. He stumbled with his words but motioned for you to follow. Brian walked up to you and took your hand. You both ran after Champ to a group of people.

"Excuse me, excuse me." Brian said, shoving people to get by.

"Oh my gosh!" You yelled when you saw a pale R.L. holding onto his neck. You got down to R.L. and grabbed him gently. "What happened?" You asked.

"Three men I've never seen were in the school so I asked why they were here. One said, 'he's not a hot chick but he'll do.' Which he was saying jokingly. Then I was suddenly against the wall with a bad pain in my neck." He explained. You moved his hand and looked it. There was two dots on his neck.

"What the heck." You mumbled.

"They're still in the school. We need to excavate." He said. You nodded.

"Brian, go to the principles office and announce for the school to have the kids get outta here." You said. He nodded and ran towards the office.

"(Y/N)....I never wrote a book about vampires." He mumbled. You tried not to smile. Yes this was a bad situation but something different was good. Little did you know from a empty class a bit way the vampires, James, Joe and Sal were watching everyone.

"They're all gonna leave." James groaned.

"Don't worry, that man who ran off, that woman next to the man we bit and that man are all  monster hunters, we'll get them." Joe said. Sal smirked.

"I want the girl." He said. James shoved him.

"No, she's mine." He said. Sal hissed.

"No I deserve her!" Joe said. They shut up as Brian's voice came onto the speakers.

"Emergency evacuation is now underway." He said. The students cheered and rushed outta the classrooms.

"Dad!" Hannah quickly ran to R.L. side.

" dad a huge favor and go home please." He said. She nodded and left with Champ and Zack.

"Come on R.L." You helped him and helped him to the nurse's office to have him lay down. The vampires watched you walk by.

"Uh oh sliver necklace." Sal whispered. Joe thought for a moment. He searched around the classroom he grabbed a pair of mittens that was in the desk.

"Joe, what the hell?" James asked. Joe rolled his eyes.

"I'm gonna ripped off the necklace and I can't hurt myself. Then I'm biting her since I did all the hard work." He explained. He looked at Sal and James with a serious look. "Got it?!" Joe yelled.

"Uh got it." Sal said.

"Oh yeah got it!" James yelled.


"Where are you, you bastards?!" Brian yelled through the empty halls. You sighed.

"Brian please. There's obviously no one here." You said. He shook his head.

"You never know." He said. You sighed.

"I'm going to check on R.L." You told him. You started to leave but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you close.

"Be careful. If you need anything just scream for me, ok?" He said. You nodded and kissed him. You pulled away from him and walked to the nurses office. You played with the sliver cross while you walked into the room. All the beds in the office were empty.

"R.L.?" You yelled out. No answer. Suddenly you felt fingers brush yours. You blushed a bit figuring it was Brian. "Brian?" You asked laughing a bit. Suddenly, the necklace was pulled with great force. You fell onto your knees in front of the broken sliver pieces. You reached for the cross but it was kicked across the room.

"You look better with out that stupid necklace." You slowly looked up at Joe.

"What the hell my boyfriend gave that to me!" You yelled. He rolled his eyes. "Who even are you?!" You asked.

"Joe." He said plainly. He smiled. "And you are?" He asked.

"That's none of your business." You said. You stood up and headed for the door. He pulled you back to him.

"Hey hey, don't go now." He smirked. You pulled your arm but he had a sting grip. He pulled off a glove that was on his hand with his teeth. You could see a pair of fangs.

"BRI-!" You gasped at the forcing of being pulled down and a hand being slapped over your mouth. You were pretty sure your head and back had bashed against the floor, you weren't positive since all this had happened so fast. You glanced over at the cross lying behind Joe, outta grasp. Joe grabbed your face and lifted it up more.

"Let's just do this and get it over with ok? So just cooperate." He said. He quickly bit down on your neck. You grabbed Joe's arm, desperately pushing it. You wiggled around and screamed out. Nothing was working. You felt so helpless. You gasped for air when Joe pulled away screaming. He stumbled into the wall near by. You laid on the ground staring up at the ceiling. You can hear Joe yelling and running outta the room.

"(Y/N)?! (Y/N)?!" Brian yelled. You felt his hands sitting you up. Your head dangled back, it felt heavy. You started at Brian, who just looked like a moving blur. You looked at the cross in Brian's hand. You touched it and frowned.

"It broke...." You mumbled. He looked at it and shook his head.

"Who care?" He asked.

"I do. It's from you so it matters to me." You said. He sighed and lifted you onto the bed.

"I'll fix it for you." He said. He sat down on the side of the bed. He held your hand and rubbed it. "I'll take you home once you start to feel better. For now you need to take a second." You nodded. You looked at Brian while he started at the floor. He was so sweet and protective that you made you happy even at times like this.

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