Vampire (Jokers x Reader)

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Joe x Reader

"Joeeeee. Dinner!" You called. Joe gulped. You weren't good at cooking human food but you tried for Joe.

"Ehh. I'm busy." He yelled back. The tv suddenly turned off. He felt around for the remote. He sighed and walked into the kitchen. Just as he thought, you sat there on the counter, turning the remote in your hand.

"Can you at least try it? I'm pretty sure you won't get food the last time." You said. He looked at the pan on the the stove. A pan of tomato sauce was I the burner.

"Spaghetti." He said. As he observed the noodles and sauce, he noticed the sauce was slightly burned, and the noodles weren't completely cooked. He turned to you and walked to you. You crossed your arms and turned away.

"I failed again?" You asked. He shrugged. "Don't lie." You said.

"I love you so much but you still aren't doing so good."  He said. Joe went to kiss you but you leaned into the nothing. He turned around and saw you throwing out the noodles and sauce.

"I hate human food." You said throwing the dishes into the sink. You crossed your arms again. Joe hugged you.

"Don't pout." He said. You grunted in response. "I'll order myself a pizza."

"But Joe-"

"But nothing. And your dinner is right here." He said, pointing to his neck. You bit your lip, feeling excited.

"I guess it's fair..." You said. He smiled and kissed you.

"Good." He said. You smiled to him and thought of taking cooking lessons.

Q x Reader

You and Q waited patiently for your next victim. "Him." Q whispered in your ear. You gave a small nodded and listened closely to the conversation the man was having with the two women.

"How about it ladies?" He asked them. They both scoffed at him. You've heard enough. You zipped to him and back to Q in a blink of an eye.

"Gah!" The man stumbled to the ground with his pants around his ankles. You laughed as the girls giggled to each other and walked off. Q slapped his leg and laughed really hard. This was hardest he had laugh since you knotted a woman's shoe laces together.

"Ok I'm done." You said. He looked to you with pleading eyes.

"No no no one more please." He begged. You shook your head.

"No more. My powers are for good use not childish prank you force me to do." You said. He rolled his eyes.

"Lame." He said. You shook your head and laughed.

"I'm trying to be human like." You whispered to him. He kissed you.

"Don't be human. Humans suck." He said

"Some do." You said. He put his arm around you.

"I guess." He mumbled. He pulled his brow together when he watched a girl trip over and fall in a fountain. He looked over and saw you holding back a smirk.

Sal x Reader

You swiftly sneaked through the halls of the house. 2:47 am. The clock read. You gently shoved the door. You cursed around you breath as the door squeaked. You creeped to the side of the bed and turned the switch of the bedside lamp. You slid under the bed and listened to the springs creak. You heard a groan.

"What the hell?" Sal said. He froze as you stealthy slid out from under the bed. "(Y/N)?" He called out. You quickly jumped into the bed and hissed. Sal screamed.

"My prey!" You said in a stereotypical vampire accent. You bit down on his neck. He sighed while wincing in pain. You knew he hated when you creeped into his house during the night to taste his blood.

"Ok ok enough." He said. You didn't stop yet. After two more minutes you pulled out your teeth.

"Thank you!" You smiled. He scoffed. You laughed and hugged him tightly.

Murr x Reader

"Fresh meat fresh meat fresh meat!" Sal, Joe and Q chanted. Murr sat there with his own arms crossed.

"Stop it." He demanded. The guys burst into laughter. You entered the room.

"What's so funny?" You asked.

"They're making fun of me again." Murr said. You sighed.

"Guys leave him alone." You said.

"We can't help it." Joe said. You hated that they made fun at him for being human. You didn't care that he was different from you.

"He's probably dating you cause he can't get himself a human." Q said. You glared at him.

"It's cause we love each other. Plus I don't wanna have to date idiot vampires like you three." You said. They hissed at you.

"Fine, enjoy your fresh meat." Sal said. They all disappeared.

"I'm sorry Murr." You mumbled and kissed him. He sighed.

"It's fine. It's worth it." He said. You smiled and hugged him tightly.

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