Cold Times (Jokers x Reader)

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Joe x Reader

You and Joe sat beside one another with his gloved hand on top of yours. The park was pretty empty but it was peaceful. You couldn't blame anyone, it was freezing outside. Joe had asked you if you two could go the park earlier then the guys and the crew members. You figured Joe wanted to spend some time with you, after all he had just gotten back from tour. You sighed thinking about his overwhelming schedule. "What's the matter?" He asked.  You looked over at him. He gave you a patient smile waited for you to answer. You gave him a reassuring smile.

"Nothing Joe." You said. He nodded a bit and laid his head back. The small snowflakes landed lightly on Joe's face and melted within seconds. It was almost like a scene from a movie until Joe opened his mouth as wide as he possible could and stuck his tongue out. You went into a fit of laughter.

"Taste great." He said, pretending to chew on the snowflakes. You shook your head at him. His childish behavior was so oddly charming you couldn't believe it. Just to make him happy, you leaned you head back and opened your mouth. "They gotta land on your tongue!" You stuck your tongue out and let the small flakes land on your tongue. You couldn't help but to laugh as you felt Joe stare at you. When you closed your mouth and looked over at him, you saw a small smile on his face as he looked into your eyes.

"What?" You asked. You shrugged slightly and shut his eyes.

"Just happy to be home with you. I missed you so much, you have no idea." Joe said. You placed your head on his shoulder. You couldn't agree more.

"I missed you too Joe. It's so boring whenever you're gone. You make my life so funny and interesting." You said. You could feel Joe's cheek lay against the top of your head.

"Hearing you laugh and have fun is one of the main reasons I even make jokes. I wish I could take you out more but making jokes are also my source of income." He said. You laughed a bit at the last part.

"You're right I can't be greedy. You need to share your jokes with others. To make them happy too." After saying that, Joe seemed to be smiling wider. You knew that he loved his job tremendously and making people laugh was his favorite thing. You lifted you head up and looked at him. "I love you Joe." He kisses your lips.

"I love you too." He said. You smiled and leaned in for another kiss. You came to a halt when Joe jumped away and yelped. "Oh god!" You both looked at snow that covered his chest. You thought some must have fallen from a branch above but a ball of snow pelted Joe's cheek. A fit of laughter cause you and Joe to look over at Q, who was flipping off Joe.

"Aw I'm sorry did I ruin a tender moment?" He asked, sarcastically. Joe dramatically whipped the snow off his now even redder cheek. The wind I already caused the rosiness but the cold snowball really brightened it up.

"You childish bastard." Joe growled. He bent over to the snow, took large scoop of the snow and quickly packed it. Q repeated Joe's action but Joe managed to hurl the snowball at him before he could. Joe quickly stood and run towards Q with the best of his ability. "Your ass is going in the snow Quinn!" You shook your head at the two of them. You were little annoyed with Q for ruining the moment but watching the two throw snowballs and tackle each other was entertaining. You were just glad Joe was back in Staten Island.

Murr x Reader

"Murr! Murr! Look at me!" Murr looked over and watched you slowly, but surely, skate beside him. He smiled at your happiness for your small victory.

"Nice (Y/N)! Just do me a favor and try not to slip." He said. You reached your hand over to him.

"If you don't want me to fall then you have to hold my hand." You said.  He laughed and grabbed his hand.

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