Artist (Sal x Reader)

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You stared at the blank canvas, biting the end of your brush. "Having trouble?" You looked down at Sal. He was laying on his stomach, a white paper with some blue paint on the top sat in front of him.

"Yes." You sighed. No gland ideas were in your head and it was basically torture. Nothing inspired you.

"That's too bad...." He mumbled. He wasn't sure how he could help you get an idea. "What about a landscape painting?"

"I did that last week." You pointed over to the water colored ocean in the corner of the room. Sal took a break from his art to go and admire your painting.

"And you did it very well! Damn." He took the paper into his hand and examined it. You smiled shyly.

"Thanks." You said. Sal set down the painting. He looked around the room until he's eyes landed on a wooden stool. It was the stool you used to hold your dirty paint water when you were painting. He grabbed it and set it in the empty space in the middle of the room. You watched him with confused curiosity.

"Paint me." He suggested. He sat on the stool and looked at you with a serious expression. It made you laugh but you shook your head.

"I can't." You mumbled. Sal continued to shift position despite what you said. Each one got increasingly stupider, which made you laugh uncontrollably. "Sal!" You laughed as the last one was him leaning against the stool with his backside arched back. His position was enough for him to make himself laugh.

"What?!" He asked with a wide smile. You wiped away a tear and sighed.

"I'm sorry but I can't draw people! It's my only weakness as an artist!" You said. Sal sighed and pulled the stool over to you.

"Damn. I was really giving you some good shit too." He said.

"I guess I'm going to have to search the Internet for some inspiration." You pulled out your phone. Sal decided to continue his own painting. Sal wasn't an artist himself but he enjoyed using some cheap craft store paint to create art along side you. As he painted, he took a few breaks to look up you. He watched your focus face as you swiped though something on your phone. After awhile of browsing, an Instagram picture caught your attention. You shot off of your stool and over to your paint.

"Feeling inspired?" Sal asked, even though he already know the answer.

"Yep." You said. You looked though your tubes of oil paints while looking at the colors of the picture to make sure they were right. Sal managed to catch some of the colors. Blue, white, black, yellow, and grey. "I might need some others...." You mumbled mostly to yourself. Sal decided he would be a nice boyfriend and we you some water to dip your brushes in. When he came back you were squeezing paint onto your palette.

"Here you are." He set the cup onto the stool. You kissed his cheek.

"Thank you." You said. With your paint and water all set up, you went to work. Sal didn't bother to ask what you were working on because you never reviled it till the end. Even when Sal guessed it correctly, you didn't tell him if he was correct or not. You could tell Sal was starting to get bored by watching you paint.

"It's been an hour. Did you know that?" He asked, when he picked up his phone for the first time in the whole hour.

"Oh." You said, not breaking focus. Sal showed you a group text that you only looked at for a second. "Who's that?"

"It's Q, Murr and Joe. They invited us to dinner." He said. Sal read their impatient text messages.

Sorry guys, was doing some art with (Y/N). I'm asking her right now. Sal responded.

"So, you wanna go?" He asked you. You look at your incomplete painting and sighed. The art nerd told you that you weren't even close to done and there was still so much to do. But then at the same food sounded really good.

"Ummm..." You mumbled. "I don't know." Sal looked down at his phone, unsure of what to type.

"Don't you think you should take a break?" He asked. You shrugged and added more to your painting.

"I could but I don't know...a huge part of me doesn't want to...I'll pass. Just go ahead with me." You finally said. Sal sighed.

Just me tonight. Sal sent that message and took a quick picture of you. (Y/N) very focused at the moment.

"I'll see you later. I'll bring you back something to eat." He stood up. You took a break to kiss him.

"Thanks. See you later." You said. Sal left your art studio, leaving the door open a notch.

Without the intention of drinking, Joe took the responsibility of being the driver of the evening. He picked up Murr and Q who were already together and picked Sal up at home. They all decided to got to a bar which was pretty busy due to it being a Saturday night but it was nothing horrendous. Sal, Murr and Q had enough to drink to satisfy their craving for beer but nothing to get them plastered. When Sal caught the time, it was 10:23 pm. It three hours had flown right by. "You guys wanna hang at my house?" He asked the guys.

"Yeah! I wanna give (Y/N) shit for ditching us for her damn art project!" Q shouted with joking anger on his face. The other laughed. Before paying, Sal asked the waiter for a burger and fries to go. On the way home, Sal thought about how you were probably starving and still slaving away on your oil painting.

"(Y/N)!!!" Joe shouted, entering the front door Sal had just opened. Murr snatched the styrofoam box with your food and lead the guys upstairs. Sal let them go as he took off his shoes and set everything down. When he came up, the guys surrounded your easel.

"This is amazing (Y/N)!" They told you. Sal smiled at your huge smile.

"I finished Sal." You said when you noticed him in the door. Murr moves out of Sal's way so he could look. It was a well detailed of the a large stage with the Tenderloins symbol on the big screen. There was colored lights and all the detail was there. Sal remember this photo now. It was a photo of the stage when they were testing out the effects and lighting that he said sent you when they were on tour. It was the Madison Square Garden stage.

"Wow's so awesome." He walked over to take in ever last detail. Your wide smile said it all.

"I'm so glad you guys like it!" You said. Q placed a hand on shoulder.

"Of course we do! You're an amazing artist!" He said. The guys nodded. "Now, come hang with us! All this paint fumes are gonna make you high." Murr showed you the styrofoam box in his hands.

"We got you some food." He said. Sal rolled his eyes.

"I got you some food." He corrected. You laughed.

"Thanks Sal." You looked down at your paint covered hands. "Let me clean my hands and brushes then I'll join you guys." They nodded and left you alone. Before leaving, Sal kissed you.

"Well done." He said softly.

"Thank you." You said. You watched him leave and looked one more time at your painting. You smiled proudly to yourself. I did do good.

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