On Show Teasing (Q x Reader)

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You were excited to be on the show with the guys. Q always didn't want you on the show, thinking the guy would do something bad or inappropriate but what could happen durning a focus group. "I'm so excited!" You shouted as you and Q rode to set in his jeep.

"I hope the guys aren't planning anything..." He mumbled. You laughed.

"I'm sure it'll be ok." You said. Q looked at your outfit. He frowned.

"Can you button one more button on that button up? I don't want people to see your cleavage." He said. You laughed a bit. So overprotective. You thought to yourself. You buttoned one button up.

"Better?" You asked. He nodded. Wasn't t too bad as long as no one did an over head view. At set, nervousness sudden hit you. You looked over at Q, sitting there in his suit not breaking a sweat. His brown eyes met your eyes.

"Are you ready?" He asked. You shrugged.

"As ready as I'll ever be." You mumbled. "Should I have a microphone on?"

"No. They'll turn up your audio when the show airs." He said. You're only instructions was to sit besides Q and listen to him and everyone else. It wasn't a lot but you were fine with that considering it was your first time.

"Are you guys ready?" Murr asked. You both nodded. The group came in and Casey, who was asking the questions, shook their hands. He introduced you to them as a supervisor. To be honest you didn't know why you were even on set.

"First question..." Casey started. "What's the most important thing we should focus on involving the city? Brian?"

"I said-" Q stopped to cover his mouth. "Build a homeless shelter for when my bitch wife kicks me out." The guys laughed and Q looked at you with concern. You shrugged. Guy could have done worse. After another question insulting you, Q placed his hand on your thigh.

"You're pretty mean to your wife..." One of the focus group people said. Q nodded.

"Yeah, she would be upset." Q said, glaring up at the camera. You laughed to yourself.

"We're just trying to cause a divorce it's no big deal." Joe said, nonchalantly. Sal burst into laughter at the plain response. Q rubbed up and down on your bare thigh. You smiled to yourself. Isn't he sweet? As it continued, you felt Q go higher and higher, making your skirt move up.

"Q." You whispered. Q said nothing, but you could the smirk he was hiding from the cameras. You suddenly lost interest in everyone except Q. He stared at him and only him. He spoke but you weren't sure what he even said. You looked down and sat your skirt was up and your panties were visible. You feel Q staring. You tired to take his hand off but he just set it back where it was.

"This no fun (Y/N) too forgiving!" Sal said. They clearly didn't see what was happening under the table. You wanna him to stop but at this rate, that wasn't happening. His one finger went around the top of the underwear. You looked at him, trying to say with your that this wasn't the place or the time. Q saw that written all over your face, but he didn't care. His hand drew closer to your lower zone. He started talking, while he talked you shut your legs and turned away from him. Q looked over and the guys laughed.

"She's pissed!" Joe yelled. You shook your head. They're so clueless. Casey smiled you, he also thought you were pissed about the answers. You looked at from the corner of your eye. He wasn't looking at you so his expression was unknown. You turned back, looking straight ahead. You waited to feel his hand back on your thigh but he didn't do anything. You crossed your feet over each other. You suddenly felt anxious. Why'd he stop? Is he still teasing you? God, why did you stop him?

"Half way there..." Casey mumbled to you. Your heart sunk. You kept looking at Q, making sure he didn't see you looking. He didn't look over, he kept his hands on the arm rest of the chair. You quickly grabbed his hand and put it on your upper thigh. Your face turned red as you saw his smirk. Damn it he was being tease, making you want him and get impatient.

"You're so annoying." You said, trying to keep your voice normal. He didn't say anything, he would be talking dirty if he didn't have a mic on. You bit your lip when his fingers went inside your underwear. You were amazed on how he was still focused on the show because you sure as hell wasn't.

"Oh my god..." You mumbled, as you felt his finger rub you. You could see him hiding his smirk from everyone. You're face turned red as you felt one of Q's fingers go inside you. You weren't sure if it was from the amazing feeling of Q's fingers or the fact your husband was fingering you in front of Casey, and some strangers. Not to mention, Joe, Sal and Murr were watching clueless along with the millions of people watching at home.

"We're almost done guys." Sal said.

"Me too." You mumbled. Q looked over at you, feeling victorious for making you so flustered. You gasped a bit as Q allowed another finger to go in. You whined a bit. You were a few seconds from losing it, how could you not moan at this point? You were holding it back the best you could.

"Well it looks like we're out of time for today." Casey announced. You were so relieved. You came which made a huge smile appear on Q's face. Everyone left, leaving you alone with Q.

"I hate you." You said. Q kissed you. He pulled off his mic and stayed close to your face.

"You love me and you loved it. You didn't want me to stop." He teased. You shook your head which made him chuckle. "Whatever you say." You shoved him away and stood up. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and lead you out. "We're continuing when we get home." He said. You scoffed in response but laughed a bit.

"Fine." You said. He smiled.

"You can't resist me." He said. You nudged him and he laughed at you.

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