Vampires (Jokers x Reader)

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Joe x Reader

"(Y/NNNNNN)" Joe said in a sing song-y voice. You put your head into the pillow trying to ignore him. "Wake up!" He yelled.

"Joeeee, humans have to sleep babe." You groaned.

"What do you mean it's the morning! You....uh...slept in." He said. You looked at the clock and saw the time.

"It's 3 am Joe!" You yelled.

"But I'm bored." He whined. He ran to the light switch and turned on the light.

"Turn that off or I'll kill you!" You yelled into the pillows. Suddenly  you were out of the bed and in Joe's arms bridal style.

"No you won't. Now spend time with me or else." He said. He set you on your feet.

"Or what?" You asked. Joe grabbed your waist and pulled you very close.

"I'll bite you!" He yelled, his eyes turning a grey color. He then nibbled your neck. You laughed at the tickling feeling on your neck.

"Stop it! You laughed. The nibbling turned into kissing. You blushed a bit. "Ok ok! I'll spend time with you." You said. Joe had a huge smile on his face when he looked at you.

Sal x Reader

"One more vampire joke and I'll break up with you." Sal threatened. You smirked at his anger.

"Sal, I was just curious if you sparked!" You said with a fake frown. He growled at you.

"I'll bit you." He said. You looked around at all the people walking by you two.

"I dare you do it." You said. He looked around then shook his head.

"Be a mannnnn." You teased. He shook his head. You laughed. You laid back on the park bench, smirking to yourself.

"But I assure you, later I'll bite you." He said. You laughed a bit.


You threw your bag onto the dining room table and stretched. You felt a violent tug on your sweatshirt. You yelped a bit as you got pressed into a wall.

"I'm getting a little sick of your attitude." Sal said sternly. You stared into his eyes.

"What attitude?" You asked. He rolled his eyes.

"You know damn well. The vampire jokes and the biting stuff. I can easily bit you without hesitation." He said. You looked away from his gold eyes. That happens when he's mad.

"I can't help it, you're fun to tease." You said. He stared at you harder which made you uncomfortable. "You hurt me Sal." You added.

"Don't care." He said. You raised your eyebrows at him. He must be very angry to actually be really mean like this. He grabbed your wrist and pressed them harshly on the wall. You whine in his ear. His mouth went close to your neck.

"Sal." You said, wiggling around in his grip.

"What? You said you wanted me to bite you." He said. You bit your lip. He won't do it. You thought to yourself over and over. You felt his teeth slowly sink down. You felt his teeth break your skin.

"No! Sal! Stop stop stop!" You shrieked. He pulled away laughing like crazy. You sat there with your arms crossed. He continue to laugh while he hugged you tightly.

Q x Reader

You stared up at Q while he hovered over you in the bed. You sighed as you tried to slid away. He grabbed your arms pinning them over head. "Q nooo." You said for the millionth time. He groaned.

"But it isn't fair! Your my girlfriend and I wanna bite you! That's one of the many advantages of having a human girlfriend." He said. You shook your head.

"I don't want to be bitten it sounds painful!" You replied. He groaned and fall over and laid on you. "Oh my god no!" You laughed. You pushed his shoulder but he wouldn't budge. You felt his lips on your neck. "I swear Q." You warned.

"I guess it time for plan B." He sighed. You laid there confused. Then he started to tickle your sides.

"No no no!" You yelled in a panic. You laughed really hard.

"Let me do it!" He yelled. You shook your head.

"Q I'll go to my plan B and you won't like it." You said. He looked at you and chuckled. His eyes were now bright red.

"Oh? And what's that?" He asked. You kicked him in his "area."

"Ah fuck!" He yelled laying beside you. You strolled outta the room and down the stairs. But by the time you were downstairs, you were pressed against the wall with Q's lips on yours. You didn't wanna deal with him but you kissed back anyways. You groaned as his lips abandoned yours and went to your chin.

"You're gonna regret what you've done." He said, teasingly. Q slid his his lips down to your neck. You kissed a spot before biting down. You whined at the feeling. You watched him from the bottom of your eye while he sucked. You grabbed Q's shoulders and bit your lip.

"Are you done?" You asked, warily. He stopped and looked at you.

"Yes. That was good. Thanks." He smirked. You shook your head.

"You act like a spoiled brat." You said. He laughed and kissed you again. You felt his tongue glided over your lower lip.

"Sorry, your lower lip was bleeding." He answer. You shoved him while you both laughed.

Murr x Reader

You were at home with Murr and you can see him staring at your neck. He licked his lips. As soon as you looked at him, he would quickly look away.

"You know most men stare at women's breast not there necks." You said with a slight smirk. He looked down.

"To be honest I like to stare at both thank you very much. Besides, most mean aren't vampires." He said. You nodded.

"True." You said. He finally looked back at you. "You've looked at my neck hardcore ever since we started dating so just do it and get it over with." You said. He gasped.

"I-I could never do it! I don't wanna hurt you. Besides humans are fragile." He said. You rolled your eyes. You laid out on the couch.

"Just do it so you can stare at my breasts instead." You laughed. He sighed and hovered over you. You stared into his purple eyes and watch him hesitate at lowering himself to your neck. Finally he did and I got close to your neck. You felt him back away a bit so you wrapped your arms around his neck.

"Damn." He mumbled. He slowly bit down into your neck which made you wince. You held back all noise and movement so he won't back out. Luckily he managed to finish and left his head up.

"How was your first time with me?" You asked with a grin. He laughed.

"It was great. You taste good." Murr said. You laughed at all the sexual jokes flying around in your head.

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