True Love (Q x Reader)

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This story is about Q being the more nervous and socially awkward type. It doesn't really fit him (doesn't really fit any of them to be honest but oh well)

"Why do you hate me?" Everyone fell silent at the sudden question. Q sat there with a blank face, like usual. You saw him roughly swallow. You sighed. The guys all looked at Q. It was odd to bring this up in a public restaurant but you needed to know. Q opened his mouth and you waited for something, anything. He didn't know what to say, he was too nervous.

"Q." Murr whispered. Every time Murr say your unhappiness with Q's silence he wanted to tell you the reason for Q's nonverbal responses.

"No. Adults don't feel socially awkward." Q would always say. Him and Murr knew it wasn't true. Adults did get that way.

"Well." You asked. You wanted something. Not a 'yeah' or a simple nod and smile. Q looked down at the table. You angrily sighed and threw down your napkin. "I gotta go guys..." You mumbled. Q watched sadly as you left the restaurant.

"Q what are you doing?!" Murr yelled. Q turned red from the states and yelling.

"I....I um-" He mumbled. Joe slid to your seat besides Q.

"You need to do something. I know you're nervous but everything will be fine. (Y/N) is a very understanding person. Just tell her the problem and how you feel." Joe said. Q shook his head.

"Tell her my feelings? I could never-"

"Not with that attitude." Sal chimed in. Q took a deep breath.

"I'll try." He mumbled. Murr and Joe patted him on the shoulder.

"Good luck." Sal said, giving a thumbs up. Q smiled a bit. He quickly walked out of the restaurant but slowed down when he didn't know where to go. He pulled out his phone.

"I should call..." He mumbled. You stared down at the screen. He knew the second your voice came on he would choke.

Hey. Where'd you run off to? He waited nervously. Seeing the text pissed you off.

"Wow he must really care to send me a text." You growled sarcastically. You stomped up and the stair of your apartment. You opened the door and walked in. You slammed the door. The second the door slammed you jumped, realizing how over dramatic you were being. "Why me?" You groaned, retreating to your bedroom.

Q was nervous as hell. His nerves had him looking at the sidewalk and speed walking. Of course a few people stared, feeling concerned and confused.

"It's gonna be fine. It's gonna be fine." Q mumbled to himself. He quickly stopped, causing some people to bump into him. He stared at your apartment building. He opened the door. He stepped up the stairs, taking a few seconds to calm down on each one.

"I need to calm down. My heart will burst." He mumbled. He frowned. There was no more steps, no more calming down. As he walked to the door he fixed himself. Pulled his hat down a bit more, loosed his scarf and zipped the zipper of his winter coat down a bit. He stopped at the door and looked down at his boots. He looked back up and hovered his hand over the door.

"I can do this." He whispered. He knocked, which you just barely heard. You sighed and stood up from the couch.

"Coming!" You yelled. Q's heart beat quickened at the sound of your voice. You opened the door. Q's face turned bright. How adorable. You thought to yourself. You remembered your angry. He doesn't like you. "Hello Q." You said.

"Hi..." He mumbled.

"What's up? Come to say sorry. If you can even say sorry." You said. He had a million things in his mind, so many things that he could say to ease your anger but he feared he would choose wrong and you'd hate him. You sighed. "I don't have time for this." You said. You pushed the door, knowing it would shut.

"Wait!" Q yelled bursting into the house and slammed the door behind him. You stood there, staring at him. You've never heard him yell out of the whole year you knew him. And bursting into your house? Not a normal Q move. He took a deep breath


"I don't hate you. Quite the opposite actually. I've wanted, for the longest time, to ask you out on a date." He said. A small smile went into your face.

"Q, why didn't you just ask? Or at least talk to me?" You asked. He looked away, shyly

" anxiety."

"Oh my god!" You yelled. He jumped and felt heat in his face. Oh my god I know it! She thinks I'm weird. She thinks I'm a freak! "I'm so stupid!"

"What?" He asked. You covered you face.

"I yelled at you for being quiet and you had social anxiety! I'm such a bitch! Why didn't I think about that?!" You yelled. Q rushed to you, setting his hands on your shoulders and staring into your eyes.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's ok (Y/N), I should have said something." He said. You hugged him tightly.

"No. It's not your fault." You said. He smiled to himself and hugged back.

"You know how you can make it up to me?" He asked. You looked at him.

"How?" You asked.

"Letting me take you out." He said. You smiled.

"Of course. When?" You asked. He smiled.

"Now." He said. You laughed a bit, figuring he was joking. You stopped at his sly grin.

"Now?" You asked. He nodded. His sly grin disappeared and his shyness showed.

"If that's ok." He said. You nodded and smiled at how cute he was.

"It's perfect. Just let me touch up a bit and we can go." You said. He watched you walk to the bathroom. He laughed a bit out of pure happiness. He was finally feeling some confidence.

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