Cheesy Love Notes (Joe x Reader)

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Ever since you moved to your new house you've been coming home from work and finding red envelopes on your door step. They were always writing very cheesy and were funny in your opinion. But they still kinda made you blush. The only thing you hated was how they were signed anonymously. You were trying to figure out who it could be. You couldn't think of anyone who would leave them, you always thought of writing back but you weren't sure what you should say. You figured out a plan. The night before you had parked your car inside your garage. Then in the morning you called your boss.

"Sir, I'm afraid I won't be in for work today." You said groggily.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I have the stomach flu." You lied. He made a noise. You weren't sure if I was one of disgust or approval.

"Alright fine. Get well soon." He said. You smiled.

"Thank you sir." You hang up. As you got dressed, you felt stupid. Missing a hard day of work just to catch some guy leaving notes to you? To you that screamed desperate. You sighed and walked into the living room. At about noon you heard voices outside your door. You sneaked over to your door and looked through the peep hole. You saw....three men? You quickly opened the door and they all froze.

"....we can explain." The one with the glasses said. You crossed your arms.

"Go ahead then." You said.

"Well I'm Sal. This is Murr and Q." He said gesturing to the others. They both waved at you.

"So all those letters are a prank?" You asked.

"Not exactly." Q said. You rubbed your eyes with your thumb and index finger.

"We did it for your neighbor Joe. He's too nervous to flirt with you so we wrote you letters." Murr explained.

"You three watch too many chick flicks." You said. They laughed.

"Yeahhh. Sorry." Sal said.

"Can he have your number?" Q asked. You thought for a moment.

"Sure." You said. They all smiled proudly. "When he comes over and asks me himself." You shut the door and walked to your living room.


There was a knock on the door. You stood up and walked to the door. You checked the peep hole and saw Joe walking side to side. You opened the door.

"Hey." He smiled. You smiled back and leaned against the door frame.

"Hi. Are you here to give me a letter too?" You asked. He laughed a bit.

"Im so sorry about that. I had no clue they were doing that!" He said. You nodded. "I heard you wanted me to be the one to ask for your number, so in that case, can I have your number?" He asked. You smiled.

"Sure." You said. He smiled back. You entered his number into your phone. "Make sure your friends don't send me cheesy text messages." You joked. He laughed.

"I'll be sure to watch them." He said. You laughed. You both said goodbye and you watched him walk off.

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